Monday, March 23, 2015


I was settled nicely back in ‘my spot’ at Quartzsite thinking I’d be there for a few weeks until it was time to start heading North.

Then I get an e-mail from Tara with this picture attached….


WHAT !!??  Where is this gorgeous place they are at !!??

She sends me more pics ….


It’s a bit windy there that day she tells me.  I reply “BRAT, Where are you !!??”

“Come on over.”  she says.  “You’ll love it here.”  I gave it some thought – really about 2 1/2 seconds and next thing you know I’m packing up and hitting the road !!  It was only about 135 Miles from Q.

To get to this Cove you really have to know where you were going because there is NO signage.  Joe arranged to meet me at the top and suggested HE drive my rig down to the camping area.  He knew my rig could get down there but going very slowly.  It was about 5 Miles STRAIGHT DOWN on a loose gravel road with lots of blind curves.

We unhooked the car and Tara drove that down while Joe & I were in my rig with HIM driving.  I was sooooo OK with that !

The drive DOWN into this area was TREACHEROUS !!!  Saying it was STEEP would be an understatement !!

But we made it safe and sound and it was definitely worth it.


Lots of people out there fishing as I thought of how much Jim & Sandie (especially Jim !) would love this place.


This place was absolutely gorgeous and so quiet and serene.


Joe moved from where he had first parked and found this great little nook where it was a whole lot less windy.


I climbed this little hill – and trust me it was little ‘cause I sure can’t do any big climbing anymore - and of course Tara had to follow.


It gave a really nice view of the camping area. Waterfront property at its BEST.  And it’s FREE !!




Bennie & Milo sure loved it there.


Check out the moon reflecting over the water !


Next up is 4WD’ing around Telephone Cove.


  1. Beautiful spot. I understand your excitement to move there from the 'Q'.

  2. Now that is one awesome spot, maybe stay there a while end joy the waterfront property.

  3. You found one of my favorite spots.....I spent the last two weeks in November there in that nice little outta the wind spot around the end.....seems like more people the homeless guy in the red tent still at the entrance end?......boy! Did he and his girlfriend ever raise a ruckus one day......entertainment I guess.

    1. Hey Bill, No, didn't see the homeless guy in the red tent. Nice and quiet when I was there. Have any other favourite spots you'd like to share with me ??

  4. will check it out next November