Friday, March 27, 2015


More off roading but first another picture of the Moon reflecting over the water on a different night.  Something I could just sit and stare at forever.


The day after our 4WD’ing through the areas around Telephone Cove we decided to check out Christmas Tree Pass.  In order to get there we had to come out of the 5 treacherous miles from the Cove.  But of course that was NO PROBLEM for Ms. Daisy.


“Christmas Tree Pass is a pass that leads over the Newberry Mountains in southern Nevada. The road that crosses the pass is called, appropriately enough, Christmas Tree Pass Road.”

I had not done any research on this little ride (via the Internet) before we started out so therefore didn’t know why it was named as it was or what to expect.


“This scenic drive is twelve miles in length. The road itself is gravel and is generally in good condition. However, in a few places the road can be a bit rough and steep, particularly right below the pass on the eastern side.”

It was definitely a very scenic drive.


We figured maybe we’d see actually Christmas Trees as we got further in ??


“Years ago, some passer-by started a tradition of decorating some of the trees with leftover Christmas decorations and other shiny or colorful items, including beer cans and even underwear. The National Park Service takes a dim view of leaving refuse in areas it administrates, so the debris disappears, only to be persistently replaced.”


Doesn’t Milo look like he’s taking a POOP in this picture !!


We were quite amazed at the various trees and scrubs that were decorated. Quite a sight to see in the middle of the desert.


Obviously something that has been going on for years I would expect.


This is a sorry little one isn’t it.


But many were quite lavishly decorated.



Now while it definitely was a very scenic drive with the various mountain formations and rocks etc. the actual ‘road’ was very well maintained and well………BORING after awhile - We wanted something a little more off roadish.

And we found it.  We turned onto one of the trails to see where it would lead and more importantly IF we could get through to anywhere. 

Many a time we didn’t think we were going to be able to go any further – many rocks and deep holes to get through or over and Ms. Daisy felt like she was going to tip over on several occasions !!

But this gorgeous reward awaited us several miles off the main road.  Again, utter peace and quiet you just held your breath at the beauty and peacefulness.



This is what Bennie thought of it all !!


Next up – a very hasty exit from Telephone Cove and I went on to Overton to spend a few days.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful adventure having too much fun.

  2. Great Pics Sass. Love the little Charlie Brown tree the best. You're livin' the life I tell ya!