Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Today leaves me with only 40 Miles to go to reach my first destination in British Columbia, Canada.  And boy am I sure glad of that.  I’m exhausted and am sooooo OVER having to get up everyday and drive the Interstates.

Today was a particularly tiring day as it started out bright and sunny but then I got into some high winds making driving very difficult.  After I got through that, I ran into rain and fog for miles and miles making the visibility very poor.

Tomorrow I cross the Border back into Canada.  **GASP**  **GULP** – will they let me back in !!??

But that is NOW so let’s go back to THEN shall we.

First order of business was to call the Boondockers Police and admit to my CRIME of actually PAYING to dry camp.  I begged and pleaded with them not to take away my Boondockers license and promised NEVER to do it again !!  They agreed to let me of this time.  LOL

The first day riding to the Park I saw three motorcycle riders on the other side of the road and they appeared to be trying to flag us down.  Now I’m going to take full credit here because Joe kept on going – although later he said he was starting to turn around – big fat liar that he is.

They wanted to give us their pass into the Park.  You see the fee is $25.00 per vehicle and I was NOT HAPPY about having to pay that.  Turns out it is $12.00 per person on a motorcycle.  This was March 18th and the pass was good until March 23rd for as many times as you wanted to visit there and was for THREE motorcycle riders – yup that’s us !!

So we had a ton of enjoyment for FREE – and we all know how much I like FREE.

As you enter the little town of Springdale (which you have to go through to get to the Park) they even have the pavement tinged a different colour to reflect the redness in the surrounding rock.


The first day we rode the switchbacks through Zion National Park and those were the Videos I showed yesterday.  Yes, a Go-Pro Camera sure would be nice to have on those occasions.

They stopped traffic for quite awhile but finally scurried away which one of my videos of yesterday’s post caught.


Tara takes a video of me riding behind them….

And another short video Tara took:

There are just so many different colours and textures in the rocks.




Taking a short break….


It was such a great ride all the way up to the end of the Park and an even better ride coming down.


  1. Well, hope you make it across the border OK. Enjoyed the videos. Bit windy. Crazy colours. Awesome.

  2. Pretty! Hey, don't they kind of have to let you back in?

  3. Stunning pics of stunning vistas. So looking forward to riding these roads.