Monday, March 30, 2015


Likely only interest to fellow riders but the scenery on some of them is spectacular.

The videos range from 6 seconds long to 17 seconds long.

And remember --- I’m trying to take these videos while only holding one of the grips and trying to stay upright !  LOL

I think this one was taken on the way to the Park.

A little shaky but check out the scenery.  That’s Joe & Tara riding in front of me.


Oh I DID NOT like going through that tunnel.  It was 1 mile long and seemed to go on forever !  There was NO WAY was I taking a hand off the grips to try for a video.

Here’s a picture of going through the tunnel that Tara took.


The traffic comes to a halt !  You gotta watch this one.

Here’s a picture just before.  This guy just stood there in front of the car for a long time.



This one is only blurry for the first 2 seconds.  Abrupt stop to the video when I saw another hairpin curve up ahead.


  1. Nice videos !! You need GoPro camera

  2. nice videos... you should get you a Go camera and mount it on your helmet. then you won't have to take your hands off bike.

  3. Great shots! Glad you didn't go off the side of the mountain!

  4. Awesome pics, yes the go pro camera would be excellent and safer too.

  5. Wow great place to park and such an amazing place to ride your bike! Love the videos and the scenery and so glad you are sharing with us!

  6. Sass, you're becoming a real daredevil rider with this one had on thevgrips and one on the camerr. You gotta get a go pro for your helmet. I do have a question about the roads, though...where are all the potholes and patches? Beautiful sceneary by the way.Happy trails.