Monday, March 30, 2015


I am now a mere 270 Miles from my first destination stop in British Columbia, Canada and so far the trip North has been (mostly) uneventful.  That’s always a VERY good thing !

But that is now so let’s go back to then….

Joe & Tara come by with their rig already hooked up.  They had stayed in an RV Park the previous day (and hated it) so they could scout out the area in their truck for a place to stay for a few days while they explored Zion.

Joe took a look at my tires and said the smoothness is called ‘cupping’ – well at least I think that’s what he said it called – it was soooooo long ago !!

He said it’s quite common and is caused by a slight out of alignment of the tires.  He assured me I could continue to drive and I don’t have to replace these tires immediately.  That sure was a relief to hear.

They told me about this State Park they had booked that was on water……again.  Jeeze, Those two sure have been lucky on their trip South this year with finding places on water.

I figured I needed a few days off the road to settle down from the anxiety that guy gave me regarding having to put out so much money right now for new tires.

I decided to go to the State Park with them.  The cost was $15.00 a night for DRY CAMPING.  Oh Me Nerves !!  I couldn’t believe I was going to PAY to dry camp !  

OMG, Are they going to take away my Boondockers license !!!??

But check this place out !  It was gorgeous.  As with most State Parks, this place sure was not BIG RIG friendly but we managed to find a spot where ‘Da Hulk could get in – once we unhooked Ms. Daisy.


This is Joe & Tara’s spot just below me.


The first thing that was going to happen was to get the bike out.  This area is much too awesome not to explore it on the bike.


Bennie & I relaxing and enjoying the view from our ‘back deck’.


Finally I got some riding in.  Over the next days we explored Zion and the surrounding areas.  Lots of pictures and videos coming of that.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come……





  1. So glad you got to Zion, it is amazing.

  2. Wow sass, that sure is a beautiful spot you have stopped at. I could sit by that water for weeks with a little fire going each evening and a good book. The riding looked pretty cool too.
    So it's B.C. again this year eh? Geeze, you're gonna lose your Newfie brogue unless you get back amongst us fast talkers. Can't blame you though. Riding season, and summer in generall here are way too short...unless one has a winter bike :)