Sunday, March 29, 2015


After parting ways with Joe & Tara and saying “See ya in Harrison” for the umpteenth time, I headed for Wally’s in Mesquite, NV – a whopping 38 Miles !  Don’t want to tax myself by driving too long !!  LOL

I arrived there, rested, had lunch etc. etc. and it was still only NOON !  Plus the parking lot wasn’t that great for RV’s and it was sloped.

I got back behind the wheel and figured I’d go another 38 Miles to the Walmart in St. George, UT.  Only to find out they no longer allow O/N parking.  Signs all over the parking lot.

I rested for awhile and checked to see where the next Walmart was.  Only 7 Miles further.  Great !!

While resting this guy comes to my door – which was open because it was sunny and very warm there.  He is very polite and apologetic for disturbing me but wanted to bring to my attention my front passenger tire which he said is in BAD shape.  He pointed out the smoothness on the outer part.


Upon further examination he said he saw what caused this – the shocks.  HUH ????


What do I know about shocks ? Nothing !  But I knew my tires were actually overdue for replacement due to their age and I have been in ‘conversation’ with Newmar about that.  That’s a whole other story.

He suggested I have this dealt with at my next stop – OR – his shop was just up the road and he could take a closer look at things.

Naturally being the calm, lay-back person that I am I went into PANIC MODE !  I immediately got behind the wheel and went to his shop. 

While driving to his shop on I-15 I saw an RV Park and just instinctively glanced over.  OK,  so you’re definitely NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS – I saw Joe & Tara’s rig !!!!

I tried to contact Joe (he being an ex-trucker and all) for his opinion but they had their dang phone turned off !  Me Nerves !!

I gave them the go ahead for the new shocks - $456.56 US or $598.72 CDN – yes, the exchange rate has been a hard hit for us Canadians this year.

He quoted me a price of about $1,500 for two new front tires but I wanted to check with Joe first regarding the tires.

After the shocks were done I went over the Walmart in Washington, UT to spend the night.  I was exhausted and very stressed.

I was finally able to contact Joe and we made arrangements for him to come by the following morning – he was only minutes from where I was.

Next up is a quick and very delightful change of plans.


  1. Oy!!! Cliffhanger - can't wait for the next installment though it sounds like good news.

  2. That was lucky - for you and for the guy who owns the shop. I'll tell you - I think you and Joe and Tara and brothers from another - or whatever it is.... LOL.

  3. Nice to get the new shocks, but I would not wait to long for the new tires, if they are 7 years old. We are due for 2 new front tires this year.

  4. Good thing for the nice Samaritan with the mechanics shop nearby. Good luck with your decision on the new tire purchase.

    Safe journey as you make your way back to the Harrison area of the BC Lower Mainland.

  5. Scary indeed! I'm glad you got the shocks fixed and hopefully that tire will be switched soon too. His price was a little high, so I understood why you waited, but don't leave us poor blog readers waiting too long or none of us will get any sleep :)

    1. Didn't get chance to thank you previously Nina. But as I said in my post to Sassy after reading/following your advice we saved lots of $ with the FMCA tire program AND we had them replaced at the same shop in Eugene Or. What a great bunch of guys they were. Thanks again.

    2. Pffffttt ! And Nina's comment is coming from someone who is always leaving us with cliff hangers !! LOL

  6. Before you purchase new tires look into the FMCA tire purchase program. Nina at Wheelingit has done a post on this. I took her advice and saved a whole bunch on new tires for our rig. Safe travels.

    1. Hey ChrisAnne, Like you, I am aware of the FMCA tire program thanks to Nina's Blog.