Saturday, March 14, 2015


My first year on the road (once I arrived in Arizona) I moved around quite a lot.  Went as far South to Ajo and back and forth from Yuma to Apache Junction several times and every place in between.

The last years have been different as I’ve seemed to have found my favourite places so I basically just go from Yuma and Quartzsite and back several times.  Each year though I’m spending (and liking) more time in Q.

So I was very pleased to have found Mittry Lake as another very desirable place to boondock while in the Yuma area.

A day or so after I got to Mittry Joe & Tara contacted me as they had spent some time in San Diego and were headed back to the Yuma.  I told them where I was and they joined our little group.

We ended up spending two glorious weeks at Mittry Lake and I’ll definitely be back there next year.  We took a little ride on the bikes one day to Imperial Dam as they had never been there.


We packed a lunch and sat at a picnic table right at the water’s edge.


I showed them the various boondocking areas but we were restricted as to how far we could go because we were on the bikes.


When we first arrived at Mittry there were quite a few rigs there yet NOT ONE generator running.  Yup,  my kinda place !! It was so peaceful and quiet during the day and night.


But as time went on people slowly started to leave and we ended up pretty much having the place to ourselves.


A zoomed in shot to give you a better idea of how close we were to the water.


“The Sign” was calling me.  Ms. Daisy has 4WD and I hadn’t as yet let her show me what she’s got !  I think this was the time.  I had seen many pictures of hikers up at “The Sign” and ATV’ers.  Could Ms. Daisy do it ???  Would we be able to find a ‘road’ up there ??

That will be for another post….