Friday, March 13, 2015


When my computer died back in February I had to make a quick exit from Quartzsite and head back to Yuma to Best Buy.

I usually pull into the VFW when I first arrive in Arizona to get all my errands done.  It’s close to everything and therefore very convenient.  So that’s what I did this time and figured once my computer was fixed I would head over to Pilot Knob for a few weeks.

I lasted there two nights.  It was VERY busy and the generators were going mad every night.  After the peace and quiet in Q I just couldn’t take it any longer.


But here’s a case of what a small world it really is.  While at the VFW a fellow RV’er comes over to me and asks if I was in Kamloops, BC a few years ago parked in the Costco parking lot.  My old brain went into over-drive and sure enough YES I was !!  I blogged about it HEREThat was late Summer 2011 !!

He tells me he was there at the same time and remembers both me and my rig.  Apparently I needed help with the ramp door (that would be right because I hadn’t installed the winch yet) and we had a nice long chat.  I, of course, have no memory of this meeting !!  LOL


So I headed over to Pilot Knob which is one of my favourite boondocking spots in the Yuma area. I’ve spent time there already this year.  It took a couple of days to get my computer back.  But I felt restless and couldn’t get settled there this time.  I hadn’t even done any type of set-up nor taken the bike out.

Barbara and I had been e-mailing back and forth and she was at Mittry Lake and suggested I come by there and then we’d both go back to Q.  She didn’t want to leave right away because she was told that NINA was coming by to visit and she had never met her “in person”.

So I had the pleasure of another short visit with Nina.  Cutie pie Paul was not able to make it as Polly wasn’t feeling well so he stayed back to take care of her.

Well once I got there I didn’t want to leave.  I had read many times over the years about RV’ers boondocking at Mittry Lake and I drove through there once or twice over the years.  All I saw at that time was one very long, very dusty and very rough gravel road.  Actually the road goes all the way to Imperial Dam.

It’s a great area for Boaters and ATV’ers and they fly by on the road kicking up more dust.  There are several places to boondock but they are all right off this ‘main’ road – or so I thought.

Can you see me ?

I didn’t know about this spot that is away from the ‘main’ road and what a gorgeous spot it is.  Barbara was there with several of the RV’ers from the Laze Days group.

Can you see me now ??

Lots of wild life around also.  Didn’t see any coyotes (thankfully) but you sure could hear them HOWL at night.




p.s.  I’m trying really hard to get caught up !!!.


  1. Looks like you are getting around and enjoying so great weather, even getting caught up too.

  2. Nice photos of the Mittry Lake area. We overnighted somewhere there one time but maybe we were in a bad spot & came away with the thought we probably wouldn't be back. Seen so many nice fellow blogger pics of the area this past winter I'm thinking maybe next winter we'll slip on down that way again & see if we can find ourselves one of those nice hidden away spots on Mittry lake bloggers have been writing about. We did overnight at the VFW one time & know what you mean by the place being busy & noisy. Not a spot we'll return to.

  3. What a beautiful spot you are in. Are those mountain sheep?

  4. I DO see you - and I see The Palms right in front of you. That was a great place. :)

  5. You are doing a fine job catching up. Mittry Lake was fun!

  6. Frederick and I were there for about a week and we plan on going in that spot again next year.