Monday, March 23, 2015


While enjoying our stay at Mittry Lake we saw “The Sign”.  Like dots on the top of the hill, I saw people up there, ATV’s, Jeeps etc.  I wondered is Ms. Daisy was up to the challenge ??


It was a LONG way up but I wanted to see if we could get up there.  So Joe & I set off to try and find the ‘road’ up there.  Now “road” wouldn’t quite be the term to use – it was more like a trail !!


That day I “let” (hehehe) Joe drive.  We did find one ‘road’ but could see that there was no way Ms. Daisy was going to tackle that.  Disappointed we were but we still decided to try other little trails that led off the main road.

We tried a couple but they ended.  Finally we found one that didn’t even look like it would go all the way up.  There were lots of hills up and down and curves to the left and to the right.  We kept driving and finally saw one that went all the way up !!!  Very excited !!


The pictures simply don’t show how STEEP this road was and the many huge rocks and holes in the middle of it that we had to get around.


Many a time I had my eyes closed, my breath held and firm grip on the door handle. But make it to the top we did !!


The 360 degree panoramic view was truly amazing.  And once again, the pictures simply do not do it justice.


I couldn’t have been with a better person than Joe to experience this.  We had soooo much FUN and we were both in awe of the view from the top.


BTW, Tara was the smart one – she stayed home !!


Between Joe & I we took a gazillion pictures and it was very difficult trying to find the perfect few to put in this post.

But what goes up must come down – a hair raising experience !  Sure gave my old heart a good work out !


Joe had the automatic transmission and the 4WD in the lowest gear – I was glad HE was driving !!




So that ends our stay at Mittry Lake.  Joe & Tara went in one direction and I decided to head back to Quartzsite to finish off my last weeks before I had to think about heading North.  Hugs and “See ya in Harrison” and we parted ways.

Hang in there Folks I’ll eventually get caught up !  I still have Telephone Cove, Overton, Zion and Kolob Reservoir to Blog about – to name just a few things.


  1. Looks like a great place to spend some time.

  2. Well, I'm glad Joe drove, too! Wow - going up never looks that bad, but coming back down those hills would be torture. Whew. Great photos.

    Kim and I talked to a woman who told us that "sign" is there for the forestry guys - it's a kind of way-point to mark where fires are. Apparently there are others and they use them to guide the firefighters to where fires are.