Thursday, March 12, 2015


I doubt that there’s too many people – well fulltime RV’ers - that don’t know (or at least heard of) Nina, Paul & Polly from WHEELINGIT.

I first had the pleasure of meeting this YOUNG couple a couple of years ago while in Borrego Springs.

Our paths crossed again briefly last year but I didn’t think I was going to see them this year.  Nina had written on their Blog that they were not doing Q this year during the Big Show.

But after all the hooopla of January in Quartzsite things quiet down and they contacted me to tell me they were in the area.  I told them where I was and they came by for a visit.


I, of course, tried to ply them with PIE but Nina would have no part of it – such a good girl she is.  But if memory serves me correctly (and that’s always questionable !!) Paul and I did indeed indulge.

Gorgeous Polly !


“Make sure you get my best features.”


“Mom,  Do I HAVE to be good and wait for Bennie to get his treat first ?”


Just the most adorable young people you’d ever want to meet.


  1. Glad you got to hook up with Paul and Nina again. The pictures of Polly and Bennie are adorable and I love your captions. Says it all............

  2. Nice that you did get to see them again, and looks like a great visit!

  3. Too darn funny! I saw your blog on my RSS feed this AM and turned to Paul to say "wow, Denise met a dog that looks just like Polly". LOL. Thanks for the lovely write up...and yes Paul did have Pie and loooooooved it!