Wednesday, February 4, 2015


This was Joe & Tara’s first time at Q and first time boondocking !!  They had a lot to learn !!  LOL  But learn they did and very quickly I might add.

Joe bought a small, portable solar system and with a little bit of conserving it took care of their electrical needs quite nicely.

I think I might have them hooked on boondocking as they also do not like the RV Parks – or RV Parking Lots as I call them.

Of course several visits to the hundreds of vendors were made.


Tara comes out sporting her new cowboy hat !


We also spent quite a bit of time in town looking at the 5th wheel toy haulers as that will be their next rig in the near future.

Bennie and Milo get along so well.  You rarely saw one without the other.  This day was a little chilly so they are both wearing their Harley Davidson sweaters.



Yup, Definitely best buds.  Bennie very seldom wants to be on the couch but if Mr. Milo was there then that’s where he wanted to be.


All is not fun and games here around Q.  Installation work was required.  I saw this Screen Door Cross Bar on another rig and simply had to have it !!


Joe got to work right away installing it for me.


Of course with my rig there are two doors so two of everything had to be gotten.  Love the finished product !


Then I got this little screen door opener which goes into the slider.


For $4.50 I figured it was worth a try.  Every RV’er knows what a pain it is to open those screen doors.


Now this little opener, combined with the cross bar, sure makes it much easier.


Oh, Here’s another FIRST for me !!  I was over at RV Lifestyles picking up a part for something or other.  I parked next to a motorcycle (a Harley of course !  LOL) that had the back trunk cut out and a large dog sitting in it waiting for its Owner.

When I came out of the store the Owner was getting ready to leave and said to me “Are you Sassy’s on ‘Da Road” ?  You could have knocked me over with a feather !!  The guy (Al I believe his name was) said that he follows my Blog – never comments though – and recognized the roadrunner on the Tracker.  Hi Al !!


  1. I love this post - so many happy things and great photos - my favorites are of Mr. Milo and Bennie. They are so darn cute together. Brothers from another mother, or something like that. LOL

    Yeah, I like your screen door. Maybe next year I'll get those gadgets and get them installed. Very nice.

    And I'll bet lots of people recognized you before, but at 80 mph down the highway they weren't quick enough to ask the question before you roared by on the bike. :)

  2. I believe everyone's first trip is full of checking out all the unique vendors in the area. It's from one vendor area to another and then it's back again. We found this time that we spent very little time "shopping". All stuff seemed the same and since we'd already bought it all in years past, we didn't need to buy it again.

  3. So much fun in Quartzsite, we have met a few people have that have recognized us too, it is so cool.
    Love the screen door cross bar we put on a few years ago too. works wonderful.
    And always stuff that we could check out there with the vendors. I have even bought a few hats there too.