Thursday, January 8, 2015


I’ve been back in Yuma now for over three weeks so will be heading back to Q very soon.  Looking forward to that.  It will be BUSY there now.


Figured it’s about time that I try and get my Blog somewhat up to date and do a few posts about my stay here – although I tell ya I have been doing VERY LITTLE and that’s always fine by me.


Many of you follow along with the adventures of GEORGE & SUZIE and see the amazing meals he prepares each night !

Well they were staying at the Pilot Knob RV Park and I had just pulled into the LTVA right behind them so they dropped by my place one day for a visit.  I had just arrived and was doing my ‘set-up’ so timing was perfect as I sure needed a break.


Naturally the subject of his amazing meals came up and he invited me over to their rig for dinner.  Now that was one invitation I wasn’t about to refuse !


While we were visiting outside JEAN & SKIP happened to stop by for a quick hello.


George doesn’t even look recognizable without his hat !!  And Bennie got cold so I had to wrap him up in my jacket.




George kept saying not to worry if I couldn’t eat it all as I certainly could take left-overs home. 


Well I can assure you THAT was not a problem as you can see by the lack of ‘evidence’ on my VERY empty plate.


I even got sent home with muffins George had made the previous day AND some of his home-made turkey soup that he had in the freezer.


BTW,  I received an e-mail this morning from a friend who lives in Southern Ontario.  She said it was MINUS 26C there this morning – that’s MINUS 15F.  Guess I best not be complaining too much about the cooler than normal temps we’ve been going through !!


  1. Oh, wow! I want George and Suzi to be my new BEST FRIENDS! That dinner looks professional - and yes, I CAN believe you ate the whole thing. You must have the best metabolism. :)

  2. Denise sure glad you enjoyed the meal and thanks for the shout sure was nice to see you again. Had hoped to meet up again in Quartzsite, but I guess it was not to be.
    Next year ok? Or if you get back to Ontario this summer drop on by I'm always cooking!
    I am really looking forward to getting back to Ontario this weekend, just not looking forward to those temps.

  3. We only George and Suzie for Happy Hour. We just have drug our feet and maybe he would have fed us too. He better watch the reputation he's getting. Everyone is going to want him to cook for them.

  4. We are in Pilot Knob right now and would sure like to meet you before you go.

    1. Betty, I packed up everything today and plan on hitting the road tomorrow. Are you going to Q ?

  5. When are you headed for Q? We'll be in Yuma at Pilot Knob on Saturday. George's dinners always look so wonderful.

    1. Sandie, Heading out tomorrow and stopping at Imperial Dam to do my tanks and visit with Barbara - then on to Q on Saturday. Can't wait to see you !!

  6. Glad it's warming up for you. Back here on the rock we had the first major snowfall of the season on Thursday and temps have been icy...I am looking for a winter bike though, to ride on the days it ain't snowing.