Saturday, January 24, 2015


Love watching these things flying around in the sky.  Sure would like to be up there !


During my time at the Pilot Knob LTVA I decided to ‘test’ my tanks.  I know I can go three weeks before I have to deal with them – but perhaps I could go longer ??

At 26 Days I decided not to push it any further – but I could have.  I still had fresh water left and there was absolutely no signs of the other two tanks backing up.

There’s certainly an advantage with having a larger rig = larger holding tanks.

AND I don’t feel like I ‘conserve’ a whole lot.  I think the conserving methods I’ve implemented have just become a way of life for me now and therefore ‘normal’.  I (almost) never go longer than 2 days without having a full shower.

I decided to stop at Imperial Dam on my way to Quartzsite for two reasons.  The facilities there are much better than Q if for no other reason than there are more of them and therefore seldom any line-ups.

Also because BARBARA and JEANNE were there so I would get to spend a little quiet time with them.


Bennie & Katie getting re-acquainted – some uncertainty there !  LOL


Barbara set this up but Bennie was NOT happy !


Then Jeanne added hers to it to make it much bigger.  We put the ‘kids’ in the ‘playpen’ so the adults could relax and chat.


The three of us had a nice visit and then retreated to our own homes.  I moseyed on the following day knowing I would see these Folks again in Q.


  1. Nice that you were able hang out with these guys and dogs got to play as well.

  2. Wonderful day! Love the enlarged pen, will have to get another for our pen, Bailey would love the room!

  3. Saw you had a ball at the Blogger Fest in Q. I am jealous that we couldn't make it this year. Maybe another time.

  4. It's always good to have friends to play with!!!