Monday, June 9, 2014


“SOMEBODY” sure has been getting lazy lately with the Blogging huh !!

Only THREE posts in the entire month of May.

This post was drafted WEEKS ago so here it is now…..finally.

My friend Byron mentioned in the Comments recently that the area I’m in right now is great for motorcycle riding – and it sure is.


But this day it was too cold (for me anyways) to ride the bike so I decided to take a drive to the beautiful little Town of Port Dover.

The thing that Port Dover is mostly known for is the motorcycle rides to there on Friday the 13th – regardless of what month it is in.

“The Friday the 13th tradition started in 1981. Chris Simons and approximately 25 friends, through word of mouth, got together at the Commercial Hotel {The Zoo}, now known as Angelos of Dover.

It was in November and it was Friday the 13th. They had such a good time they decided they should do it every Friday the 13th. And so the tradition was born.  Every Friday the 13th thereafter, the number of people coming to the event has increased.”

Here are a few pictures I got off the Internet from a ‘normal’ Summer Friday the 13th…




It’s all two lane country roads around here passing through one little Town after the next.

I love the fact that Ontario is getting into solar and wind energy.  I’m seeing more and more farms with huge banks of solar panels and lots of those wind turbines around.  Nothing like Arizona and California of course but at least they are starting.


What are these ?


I also like the fact that Ms. Daisy can be turned into a ‘convertible’ with just the flick of a knob.  I did have the heat on though !!


Entering the little Town.


Not a whole lot of people around but there were a few…


This Beach area will be swarming with people by now.


Lake Erie…


And YES, They even have a (small) Harley Davidson store.  With all the bikers that visit this little Town they’d be foolish not to have one.  And GASP, I didn’t even go in !!


Most years there are at least two “Friday the 13th’s” and often three.  This year however there is only ONE – this Friday – June 13th.

Am I going to be there ?  NOT !  I can’t even fathom the crowds that will descent on this little Town and the back up in traffic.  No, I’ll wait until another weekend (when there still will be plenty of fellow riders there) to enjoy a nice bike ride there.

I picked up something for lunch and sat in the car by the Beach…



It was a VERY windy day and this IDIOT decided to take his boat out…


He was really struggling against the waves and most of the time the nose of the boat was straight up in the air.  He wasn’t long coming back !!