Tuesday, December 30, 2014


OK so this was WEEKS and WEEKS ago !!  LOL  I guess I’ll eventually get caught up with my Blogging.

I had read on RENE'S BLOG that they took a little ride to Martinez Lake from Yuma.  I googled it and determined it would be a perfect ride for us one day.

So off we headed from Q, South on the 95.  Pat is leading the way (on her gorgeous Harley Trike) with Rita riding on the back.  Behind her is Sandy’s oh so cool URAL with the other Pat in the sidecar.


It’s about 70 Miles from Q which is plenty riding for me these days.  Following behind me was Joe & Tara.


Here are some of the motley crew…Vicky & Cathy decided to follow us in their car so they could join us for lunch.


Me and Tara with Joe’s gorgeous Harley Davidson Heritage Softail being featured !


As you can see by the way we are dressed it wasn’t an overly warm beginning to the day but it did warm up.  I even wore my HEATED JACKET but did take it off on the way back.


Martinez Lake is definitely a very pretty spot but I wouldn’t want to spend any time there.  The homes are piled on top of each other everybody trying to get a view of the Lake.  WAAAAY to crowded.




Most of us packed a lunch and others went into the restaurant/bar to get their lunch.



Of course a Blog Post is never complete without a few pictures of the amazing sunsets we get here in the Southwest.  I never tire of looking at them.





  1. Sounds like a fun ride and get together.
    Same as you love the sunsets here in the southwest.

  2. We've never been to Martinez Lake and your pictures were the first that give us an idea of what it's like. It looks like a great day trip and that's just what you had. What fun!

  3. Sassy I'm glad you're riding even for short distances !! The pictures are beautiful but I'm sure the company was better, bikers are always great(aren't we)!! Wishing you and Bennie great heathy for 2015 and remember.....ride safe and drive safe!!

  4. Nice place to go for a ride, we've never been there either. Maybe we'll do that.

  5. It is a nice ride to Martinez Lake, isn't it? From the Q or Yuma, it is an pleasant day ride - coupled with taking a nice lunch break by the water.

    We concur that the desert sunsets are most inviting to watch.

  6. Nice place, great sunset, never get tired of it!

  7. Glad to see you're riding, but this whole heated vest thing in Arizona is a concern to me. When I go south I want to be able to ride naked if I feel like it.