Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I’m already back in the Yuma area and still haven’t finished blogging about Q.

I spent the Summer of 2013 at Harrison River RV Park and posted many Blogs about that gorgeous place.  It was there that I met Joe & Tara and of course Mr. Milo.

Joe & Tara were able to head South this year and came to Q !!  Yup, They were the ‘idiots’ who parked right behind me.  LOL  I think some of you may not have gotten my sense of humour.

They had been in Yuma for a few days in a fancy smanchy RV Park with a ton of RULES !!  They didn’t like it.  They were stopped one time because they were not wearing their name tags and another time while walking in the evening because they didn’t have a flashlight with them.  Give me a frikkin’ break !

So this was their first experience boondocking and they quickly realized they couldn’t be running their furnace for heat.  The furnace will suck your batteries dry in no time.  They only have 3 batteries and Joe got portable solar panels with a total of 130 Watts.

We got a small Mr. Heater ordered for them on Amazon right away and that arrived in a few days.  Gotta love Amazon !  In the meantime they used my smaller one.

First thing I had to do was teach Joe was how to refill those little canisters.


Doing this is perfectly safe – IF done properly.  I showed him how to do it several times and then observed him doing it himself several times.  Plus I made him watch several videos on You Tube showing how it’s done.

By doing this it sure makes for a very inexpensive way to heat your rig.


Then he wanted to fix the wiring I had done HERE. 


Jeeze,  I thought I had done a GREAT job but oh no he wasn’t satisfied !!  Had to put them together with those silly little blue thingies…...


And then secure everything nice and tidy ------hmmm, like the way I had them !!


Next thing you know he’s checking various oil etc. levels on Ms. Daisy.  That boy simply can’t sit still !!  But he sure is handy to have around !!  LOL


I did manage to get him outta my hair for a short while as they went for a short bike ride to test out Mr. Milo in his new shoulder harness while riding the bike.


It was a success !  Mr. Milo loved it.  Of course he was cuddled right up next to his Mom.  Wouldn’t work for me and Bennie as I am the rider and need both hands and focus on the riding.

It is so nice seeing these great Folks again and spending time with them.


  1. Saw Skip & Jean here in Borrego and they mentioned they were on their way to see you in Yuma, so I've been keeping tabs on your thro' the RV grapevine. Maybe we'll see you back in Q later this winter?

    1. Hey Nina, Would love to see you and your cutie pie again over the Winter. And maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong in that I can't comment on your Blog ?? Jean & Skip are on their way over to where I am now for an afternoon visit.

    2. Can't comment huh? I honestly don't know why, but I'll try and check. Don't remember blocking you LOL. Hoping we cross paths. I'll stay in touchy.

  2. Nice to see you getting caught up on your postings.
    And was wonderful to see you again in Yuma.

  3. I thought you were still wandering around Q. I agree in that you gotta love Amazon.

  4. I know what you mean - isn't it just awful when these guys keep FIXING things? And CHECKING things on the car? Joe and Tara are such a cute couple, I really enjoyed meeting them. Didn't get to meet Mr. Milo, though, maybe next time... :)