Saturday, December 13, 2014


Yup,  This is WINTER in Southern Arizona !


I decided again this year to get the LTVA Permit $180 for the entire season.  Last year was the first year I did that and it worked out well for me.

I am finding that as each year passes I’m am moving less and less.  Having the Permit allows me to stay at any of the LTVA’s in Arizona and California for as long as I want.

So I’m settled in here in Quartzsite quite nicely.

Now why does my little guy look so unhappy in this pic !!??


JERI & TERRY blew through Town for an overnight or two so we grabbed BARBARA and all went to Silly Al’s for pizza.

Sure is great pizza there and the company even better !

So far my solar/batteries are doing great without having to tilt the panels.  I ‘accidently’ found that out last year when I was somewhere that I knew I was only going to be for a few days so I didn’t bother to tilt them.  I discovered I was still getting a full charge by early/mid morning.

So I stopped tilting them and everything is great.  Of course it helps that my energy use is so minimal and basically I’m just using the top 10% of the charge.

It’s certainly isn’t a major chore to tilt the panels, however, if I don’t have to then it means one less set-up job.

Other than that I’ve just been puttering around not doing much of anything.  BUT this past week I got Visitors from B.C. so I’ll save that for another post.


  1. Our panels didn't tilt. We were advised that sun hits them earlier and stays later if you don't tilt which helps offset the more direct but shorter hit from tilting. Since you are getting enough power without tilting, why go through those gymnastics?

    I also think the annual pass is a good idea. Not having to move but being free to do so was wonderful! I could go along with everyone else when they moved but I could stop at Q again after any gatherings elsewhere without any hassles; even if it was just to dump and fill and get rid of trash. Well worth the freedom to me.

  2. We ALWAYS love visiting with you. Glad you're settled in for a while. We hope to catch up again in January.

  3. Soo nice to see you -our friends- sitting there so nicely together. Just one problem with it. We are not part of the picture. :-((

  4. Oh yeah Silly Al's can't wai. right now at Pilot Knob and going to Lin's next week sometime for a feast. Sure hope we van get together there in the Q. Its been a while. Enjoy the quite times. We hope for some along the way too.

  5. We miss you here in B.S., and look forward to catching up with you next month!