Wednesday, November 5, 2014


After a very enjoyable week at Leasburg State Park it was time to hit the road again.  The week was made even better because of being able to spend some great time with Barbara and meeting two new fulltime RV’er, Jeanne & Holly.

I wanted to stop in Deming to see Lee and knowing that, I also had some mail sent there.  Lee told me there was a gal in the Park (Margie) that has been following my Blog for years and wanted to meet me also.  Margie later confirmed indeed that she had been following along on my (mis) adventures (but has never commented) as she reminded me of several things back in my Class C days.

AND the icing on the cake was that Carol & Steve arrived the same day as I did.  I had met these Folks briefly last year at Q and immediately knew I liked them.

Lee took us all out to dinner to the Adobe Deli – which is soooo NOT a Deli and the food was amazing.

L-R = Steve, Margie, Carol and Lee.


I ordered the ribs !!


Oh Me Nerves !  That is one BIG rack of ribs.  And NO I didn’t eat them all.  Actually what I took home did me for TWO more meals.


I had wanted to stay another day to spend time with Lee but when I woke up the following morning – very early – the weather was awful so I decided to get back on the road.

But not before seeing the crowd again and getting a tour of the new (to them) ‘07 Allegro Bus Carol/Steve had just bought.  HOLY CRAP that is one gorgeous rig with every extra one can imagine.  Yes, even those MCD blinds that I want so bad !!!  But not only did it have the MCD blinds – BUT each individual blind was operated (opened and closed) by a remote control !!

Then Steve started SHOWING OFF and started pressing buttons to show me all the other great features of this beautiful home on wheels.  I was seriously in awe !!

I made it as far as just outside of Tucson that day and stayed over-night at Pilot.  First time on this trip I had to do an O/N at a Truck Stop.  I didn’t mind it at all.  But getting around the truckers parking lot I had to make several very sharp turns and when I finally found a good spot and got out this is what I saw….


The gizmo that plugs into the rig so Ms. Daisy has brake and indicator lights while I’m driving had been pulled out and destroyed by the pavement.  I didn’t even bother trying to find an Auto Parts store in Tucson (way too busy) – and yes, I did check Pilot while I was there but they didn’t have it.

I continued on the next day but it’s funny how uncomfortable I was driving knowing Ms. Daisy had no lights.  Even though, because Ms. Daisy is so small, the rigs rear lights are clearly seen.

I pulled into the small Town of Eloy, AZ the following day to rest for awhile and found out there was a NAPA less than 1/2 mile from where I was.  Off I go and get a new gizmo to fix the problem.

A snip here…..


A crimp there……….


And VOILA problem solved.  HEY !  So it ain’t so pretty – but it worked !!


And back on the road I get determined I was going to make it to Yuma that day !!


  1. That certainly was a big rack of ribs alright! We thought Adobe Deli was really a neat place to visit. You really need to go with a local to find these unique places and Lee knows where all the good eating places are for sure.

  2. One huge rack of ribs that was,
    Good thing that ya got that wire all fixed up and you are on the way.

  3. You were close to us, but we were not home yesterday. We were visiting with the Dixon's.

  4. Oh! That's the kind of thing that worries me about towing. But, you got it fixed easily once you were able to find the part. So that's good. By the way, I got a toad! Now working on which baseplate, towbar, brake, etc. to get. Glad you had a good time with friends!
    See you in Q!

    1. Yes, I was very glad it was a quick and CHEAP fix !!

      You got a toad already !! Jeeze, You sure don't waste any time when you make up your mind about something !! LOL

  5. I want a rack like that. So glad you got to see everybody. Looking forward to Q.


  6. Well I found the right button to poke. Jim and Sandy Drop by and see me and I'll take you there for a rack. Sassy's eyes about popped out of her head when she saw it. I got an E from Margie and she is way up in Utah already. She read the blog and alerted me about the pictures. Now that I can post I'll tell all the wrong things I know about Sassy.

  7. Good to hear about your adventures. Remembering a great time with you and Lee at the Adobe Deli last March... should have ordered the ribs then :) Be well! We look forward to catching up with you down the road! D & T

  8. It was great to meet you after reading your blog for so many years.The Adobe Deli photos turned out great! Hope to see you again somewhere down the road.