Monday, November 17, 2014


I’ve had a ‘home’ computer pretty much since the day they were available.  And over those many decades I’ve certainly had many.

And up until now I have NEVER had a virus.  Well I got my first one on my ‘main’ computer and it was a BAD ONE.

I noticed a problem on October 21st, by way of my data usage on my Verizon, jumped by the GB’S when I was not doing anything to use up that much data in such short periods of time.

The other sign was that – despite having a 4G signal and 5 strong bars – it took forever to get into even my Hotmail website and more often than not I got “THIS PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED”.

The last weeks have been consumed trying to resolve this problem.  Thinking (naturally) it was a Verizon problem – something wrong with my JetPack or their Network - I went to the local Verizon Store numerous times.

Sometimes my Internet worked great for several hours – once even for a full day.  But the problem persisted and this last time I went to Verizon I spoke with their Technical Support on the phone.

During that time they were asking me to do something on my computer but I wasn’t seeing what they were asking me to do.  I called one of the store reps to come over to help and as luck would have it, he turned out to be their local technical guru – with degrees in computers etc. etc.

During the course of the call he was on with their main tekkie people he noticed Norton (the anti-virus software I had on my computer) blocking ATTACKS from something.  He said it shouldn’t need to be blocking any attacks as we were not anywhere on the Internet where these attacks could be coming from.

He said “You have a virus !”.

He wanted me to uninstall Norton and install Microsoft Security Essentials and do a full system scan on my computer.  He was kind enough to assist me in getting this started.

So when I went home I started the Full System Scan.  This is what it showed:


But despite removing this BAD BAD BAD thing that was living in my computer several times – it continued to come back.

So now my computer is at Best Buys where I had to pay $200 +++++++ for them to completely give rid of this sucker !


I have a little mini 10” computer that I’m able to use but it’s oh so painfully SLOW !!  I seldom use it, however, still did several Full System Scans on this one and thankfully it’s CLEAN !!

But EVERYTHNG is on my main one so I’m lost without it.  Best Buy said they will need the computer for A WEEK !


  1. Sheesh! A trojan is not kind to computing. The Geek Squad at Best Buy will clean it up for you.

  2. That's not fun at all. Hopefully, when you get it back the virus will be gone, your private stuff still private and your programs still working.

  3. Hopefully the Geek Squad will sort it out, although that price would be a nice downpayment on a new machine.
    I haven't used Norton for many years. Just no confidence in the software. Good Luck.

  4. Good luck with the repair and hope you will be virus free soon.

  5. All I can say is, "Aaarrrggghhh!" Computers are a love/hate relationship.

  6. I can't understand why someone would do that. What do they get out of it?

  7. I had a similar problem 4 years ago. I also had to take it to Best Buy's tech guys. At that time it also cost $200. They did a great job, and installed Kaspersky as my anti-virus. I've added Malwarebytes to the mix. It works with Kaspersky, but focuses on Malware. I haven't had a problem since. I LOVE my present combination, and have recommended it to others. It'll be interesting to see what anti-virus Best Buy is recommending now. Good Luck Sassy!

    Larry M from the NW

  8. I've been there on this one. Mine happened in Albuquerque and I actually found a computer guy who would come out to the rig and fix it for me. Such a pain and so frustrating. Hope they do a good job for you.

  9. Never use NORTON Antivirus! It slows down your computer and isn't even capable to keep viruses to invade your machine. AND it is expensive. Use AVIRA or AVAST. They are free and they work!

  10. I hope you were diligent in backing up anything important Sassy. I'm afraid you're going to lose everything on the hard drive before things are finished. I try to back up any type of document, etc., that I have changed every few days. Either to a flash drive, or on big backups to a DVD. Best wishes, and good luck!

    Larry from the NW

  11. Yikes! There are numerous ways of removing a virus, but that one must be quite resilient, if it took them a week to take care of the problem. While $200 may seem steep, it’s better than losing all your valuable files in it. Were they able to fix your problem completely? Anyway, I hope that’s the last time you’ll encounter that kind of problem. Have a good one!

    Lillian Walker @ Taylor Works