Saturday, November 8, 2014


As I normally do each year, when I first get to Yuma, I pull into the VFW and get the ‘chores’ out of the way.  The BLM land behind the VFW is very convenient and close to anything you might need done in Yuma.

First up was an oil and filter change for Ms. Daisy.  Pioneer Express Lube is only a few miles away and I had been there before.  She also needed the positive terminal replaced on the battery.  They also check numerous other things like the lights, wipers, power steering fluid, check the tire pressure etc. etc. etc.  AND this year you got a free car wash coupon (which is right next door).  All that for $52.60 so I thought that was pretty good.

Next was the same for the RV.  The following day I brought the rig over there and got the oil and filter changed.  The rig also needed a new fuel filter.  Again, they check all of the same things and I got another free car wash coupon.  All that for $127.03 – I wasn’t complaining.

Plus they are really nice there.  They show you everything and explain anything you need a better understanding of.

Didn’t want to put it off any longer so got four new tires for Ms. Daisy.  When I bought her last Spring I had the tires checked while I was stopped in Deming, NM.  Despite their age (2003) they were in perfect condition – ie. lots of tread left on them and no indication of any cracking on the sides.  The guy at the tire place even went so far as to say “I’d love to sell you 4 new tires but you simply don’t need them.”  So with Lee’s nod of approval that sure worked for me.

So that, combined with my TPMS and CAA, I felt ‘reasonably’ comfortable driving her for the last six or so months. But I knew new tires HAD to be in the budget for this year.

I went to Discount Tires and boy is that a busy place !!


There’s my little girl in there waiting for her ‘new shoes’.


$676.94 (all amounts are in US dollars of course) later and Ms. Daisy has 4 new tires. Looking good !


It’s be HOT HOT HOT here (high 80’s to low 90’s) so these errands had to get done in the mornings and the afternoons were spent resting and sitting in the shade.

Of course I had to put out a blankie for my little guy to lay on.


But what does he do ???  He lays NEXT to it !!


First one of these I’ve seen this year.  It flew very low over the VFW.  Will see lots more of these when I get to Q ! Boy would I ever love to take a ride in one of those !


I call this guy Jim (505-269-1133) every year to do the generator oil change.  He comes right to the VFW so it’s very convenient not having to move the rig.  I asked him to check the air filter this time.


He said the oil was really bad and really needed changing.  He said he’s seen worse with the air filter but replacing it would be a good idea.  It’s never been replaced that I am aware of.


Another $82.00 and that’s done.  But the best news was when we got talking and I was telling him about the oil changes on the rig and the car.  He said he does those also !!    He looked at my bills and said he could have saved me about $30.00 but the best part would be I wouldn’t have to go anywhere. So I’ve certainly made a note of that for next year.

He now even has his own website.  Check it out HERE.

Obviously something going on today at the VFW for the bikers.  There are often a few in the parking lot but not this many.



I still have to get an oil & filter change for the bike – but that will be sometime over the next weeks.

Sure glad to get all of that stuff out of the way so I can now go to one of the LTVA’s and settle in somewhere nice and quiet – put out my solar lights and mat and just relax and read.  I went to the Yuma library and got several great books.

Staying at the VFW is great in many ways – but QUIET is not one of them !!

P.S.  Thank Gawd for Credit Cards !!


  1. Yes, it does seem like more money is going out than coming in at times. :) It's a good feeling, though, when you're on the road and you know you've got safe and well maintained vehicles. Made me laugh to see cute little Bennie...Jack does the same thing--lays right next to blankets I put down for him.

  2. Nice to get that preventive maintenance done, it does prolong the life of your vehicles for sure.

  3. Now that you've got all that behind you, it's time to play.

  4. I concur with the others who profess the benefits of getting it all done now and for being able to settle down and enjoy some restful time.