Saturday, November 1, 2014


As I’ve said before, I’m really enjoying it here at Leasburg Dam State Park.  Nice and quiet just the way I like it.

I’m in what they call the ‘primitive’ area – no hook-ups – and as we all know I don’t need hook-ups !

The cost though is $8.00 a day.  Pretty cheap huh !!  The first year on the road – before I discovered boondocking – I stayed in regular RV Parks and State Parks.

If I could get something around the $20.00/night mark I was happy as I thought that was cheap.  Now I’m resentful having to pay $8.00 a day !!!  LOL

Getting many small chores done while I’m here and finally got around to re-stringing the blind that broke several weeks ago.

I’ve now had to re-string ALL of them over the last years.  This is the second go around on this one.  Man they are a PAIN to do !!


Oh how I wish I could afford those MCD shades !!  Far too many other priorities before them unfortunately.

Look who came to visit one day.  I was told it’s a grasshopper – they don’t make grasshoppers like that where I come from.


This one wanted to hang out on the Harley cover.


I’ve been putting Bennie’s bed out each day and he’s quite comfortable sleeping there.  One day Barbara came by to get her chair (while I was inside puttering) and she said Bennie’s was sound asleep and snoring.  So she very quietly crept around him – so as not to wake him up – and got her chair.  Only a fellow dog lover huh !!


Here we are at Leasburg Dam State Park.


Barbara decided to see if Bennie would like to be in Katie’s stroller.  Here’s his thoughts on that !!

“MOM !  MOM !!  Get me outta this thing !!!”

“Hmmm,  This view is different from way up here.  Maybe I can JUMP OUT !!”

“I’m going for it !!”

“OK, So I wooosed out !!!  So if they won’t take me outta this stupid thing I might as well lay down and look very pitiful.”

“And what do I do when they finally do let me out ?  Get totally tangled up around the chair !”

Had a couple of lovely visits with Jeanne and Riley.  Riley is an amazing dog and so calm.  He was in the rig no time when he decides to just settle right in on Bennie’s bed.


Of course you simply CANNOT be in the Las Cruces area and not check out the HD there.


A view from the second floor (yes, it’s that big) of a small section of the first floor.


That’s it for today.


  1. It sounds like Bennie doesn't want his own little stroller. I guess you're in luck there. We''ve been through Las Cruces but we didn't stop a the Harley shop. Oops.

  2. I too have restrung all of our blinds, they are a nuisance but not that hard to do.
    I can't got into a Harley store at all, too hard to come out of there with any money left in our bank account.

  3. Love following your adventures.... ours are just beginning and have learned so much from you and all the rest of the rv'rs! Your Benny is a doll! :)

  4. Bennie looked so cute in the stroller. That was the biggest grasshopper I've ever seen - he was HUGE! :)

  5. Sass, have you ever thought about using a motorcycle dolly in your RV to turn your bike around so you can head out instead of back out? They make one that goes under the frame and some that go under each wheel. Just a thought. I do know they use to make a turn table/really big lazy susan contraption that you just drove up on and swivled your bike around when you were ready to leave.