Monday, October 20, 2014


HOLY MACARONI !  Will this story ever end !!

OK, So now we’re into Tuesday morning, October 14th.


Yes, ANOTHER 4:30AM morning for me as they came to get the rig at 6:00AM ON THE DOT to fix the bed lift in the toy hauler.  And off Bennie & I go to the Lounge area to wait.

I had received a call from the Driver the night before saying that he would be at the Newmar Factory with my bike by 8:00AM and that he would call me when he was 5 minutes away.  That was so he knew where to go – the place is so HUGE.


The timing turned out to be perfect !  My rig was returned to me and while the driver was unloading the bike I was able to get the rig ready to ride the bike in.


Yes, The bike was delivered safe and sound – albeit late – but overall I was NOT happy with this Company’s service.  I won’t bore you with all the details so I’ll just say that FORTY FOUR e-mails had to be exchanged to complete this simply process !!



Now I’m not going to mention this Company’s name Winking smileWinking smileWinking smileWinking smile…….

But as you can see I’m one happy Sassy Rider re-united with her bike.


Getting her safe and sound in her own home where she belongs.


Everything was done – even Ms. T hooked up and it was still only 9:20AM !!!!  So on the road I get.

Newmar’s Customer Service is OUTSTANDING.  Everyone I spoke with there was very friendly and accommodating.  The person I dealt with most was Jason, who did the work on my rig.  He was awesome !!!

This story really has a very happy ending – yes, despite all of the stress it put me through over the entire Summer…..Newmar reimbursed me for my costs.  Yes, ALL of my costs !!


  1. Yippee! So now you can be on the road again. Arizona and lots of sunshine is just ahead of you.

  2. Good to the Service Mgr saying $118.00 per hour was not 10 hours

  3. Great ending to a stressful story. Congratulations. Now you should be able to enjoy a relaxing journey.

  4. Reimbursed you for ALL your costs? That's really wonderful - I love stories like this. As stressful as these things are, having the bill paid in full seems to make a really happy ending. Yaaaaay! I'm sure you left with a light heart - can't wait to meet up with you at Quartzsite. I'll be there in a few weeks - at least that's the plan... :)

  5. Very nice , you get all your toys back.
    How about the Jeep??

  6. The joy on your face is priceless! Go Sassy!!!

  7. Wow that is amazing, so glad yo here that you have your bike back, your toy hauler fixed and reimbursed for all you costs. Travel safe, enjoy the weather and hope to see you again in southern Arizona this winter.

  8. It can't get any better than that.

  9. A horror story with a happy ending? How unusual. I sure am happy for you, though.

  10. I had my F-350 shipped and the shippers lost my extra keys, owners I fill you frustration.