Thursday, October 23, 2014


My wiper blades arrived at the Pilot in Amarillo, TX yesterday afternoon and I went there immediately to get them and came back and put them on.  It was too late in the day though to get back on the road so I hooked up Ms. Daisy and had everything ready to pull out this morning.

BTW,  It sure was nice having Ms. Daisy to do my running around in while I was waiting for the wipers to arrive !!

Last Spring I took the TV out from the front area of the rig.  I wrote about that HERE.

I eventually found something to put there but just recently I thought a clock would go great there.  Found this one at Wal-Mart while hanging out in Amarillo and put it in that space.

Yes, I know, by looking at the picture it looks like it is totally NOT level.  But it is perfectly level.

Yup,  Set it to Arizona time right away.



I know I’ve said this many times over the last years, but I am sooooo lucky with my little Bennie.  As soon as I turn the key he goes to his ‘driving’ bed and that’s where he stays until I stop.


Changed my mind a gazillion times last night as to what route I was going to take.  There actually were several different options.  I was a bit apprehensive about getting off the main Interstate so I researched quite a bit about the distances between each Wal-Mart.


I eventually decided on taking the I-27 South from Amarillo and knowing I was going to be on smaller Highways I made sure I had a full tank of gas before heading out.  I wasn’t on the I-27 long before I swung right on the US Highway 60 and then 70 all the way to Roswell, NM.


I drove 220 Miles today – that’s a LOT for me.  Hadn’t planned on driving this far but the roads were good and the driving pleasant and relaxing.  However, not much in the way of scenery.


Pulled into Wally’s at about 4:00PM to a sunny 79F/26C.  Love that !!


  1. No TV? That would be difficult for us. Of course, I could give TV up before I could give up my computer.

  2. You are motoring right along, you'll be in Az in a couple of weeks, after you get your visiting done.

  3. So nice that everything is coming together for you, and having awesome weather.

  4. We liked Roswell - strange little town that it is. I really like your new clock.

  5. We always take 70 to Arizona. It's much better than taking the interstate. There's a nice Elks in Roswell.

  6. I love your new clock! When are you arriving???