Friday, October 17, 2014


The ramp door on my rig has been nothing but trouble from Day One !  Serious ‘design’ flaws as far as I’m concerned.

A door of this size and weight should be electrically/hydraulically operated !!!

The first problem with this door is that it is TOO BIG and TOO HEAVY and I couldn’t close it by myself.  I blogged about all that HERE.

So I had a winch installed to solve that problem.


The next challenge was that was that the ramp door is far too steep to safely back the bike out of it.  I blogged about that HERE and HERE and THE SOLUTION HERE.

More problems occurred this past Summer.  Actually it started last February.  The hinge is bolted to the floor of the rig on one side and the other side is ‘bolted’ to the bottom of the door.  That part started to come apart.

FEB 23 - 2014

By June it had gotten worse – a lot worse !!


The ‘bolts’ holding it had started to come out….


And look where it was by July !!!



And by August two screws had completely fallen out…


Yes, Those are the “bolts” that are supposed to be holding this massive door to the hinge !!


  1. So now 'suddenly' the Blog will Publish with the pictures !!?? Who knows !!

    Anyhoo, Now my next post can be the continuation and conclusion of the ramp door saga !!

  2. It's so much better with the photos.

  3. Self Drilling/Tapping screws are not designed to hold a lot of weight. They also have course treads that with road vibration will loosen themselves out. Why do manufacturers use them? To keep the weight and costs down.
    That door should have been deigned with a structural steal frame with proper nuts and bolts to hold it in place not the fabricated sheet metal framing they used. Unfortunately they all do it and Newmar seems to have the best reputation out there.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Sorry to hear your are having such headaches. hopefully when you get it to Newmar they will do the right thing and fix it for a reasonable cost, considering the expenses oyu have already endured because of the problem.