Sunday, October 19, 2014


Only one word to describe it --- OUTSTANDING !

Now that is a word I use very seldom and certainly don’t use lightly !!

I arrived at their Factory in Nappanee, IN on Sunday afternoon in order to be ready for my appointment for the following morning – October 13th.

The place is HUGE and goes on for blocks and blocks and blocks with several HUGE building on each of these blocks.

They have about 30 or more parking spots for RV’s that are waiting for service work with full hook-ups.  Yup, water, electric (50 AMP) and sewer at each one.

I went to the over-flow lot a little further up the road and there was probably about another 20 spots with water and electric.  Got myself settled in.

They did tell me that they come get the rigs at 6:00AM – so knowing that I knew I had to be up by 4:30AM in order to be semi functional for 6:00AM.

And they were not kidding !!!  Six o’clock (and I saw lots of movement even earlier than that) they came to my door and took the rig.  Despite the fact that there were numerous e-mails and phone conversation with their Customer Service we discussed the problem in detail – particularly the fact of the potential danger of opening the door.

Off to the Lounge Bennie and I go to wait.  They said they would come talk to me once they had a look at it themselves.

About an hour later they came out to get me and brought me in to the shop.  YES, They had the door opened !


The fact that they could open the door (I figured out later) was because Bella Vista RV had put those extra bolts in the hinge.  Now it looked like there wasn’t even a problem !!

The Service Manager said he figured it would take them about 10 hours ( at $118/Hr. ) to do the repair and I might have to get a Hotel for the night.  Nope, I said, not doin’ that !!  Worst case, if by end of day ( which for them btw is 2:30PM ) the door is still not back on, we could throw a tarp over it as I can lock the door between the hauler and the living area.

Not sure why they had to take off part of the fiberglass on the door.


They said they would come get me shortly after lunch to update me as to where they were at at that point. I also mentioned the lift for the beds in the toy hauler.  You see there are four pins (one for each corner) that you can insert into the pre-drilled holes in the chain channel part and by doing that you can just bring the bottom bed down (which turns into a lovely sitting area) and the top bunk stays up.  Well the holes haven’t lined up for years and I have not been able to do that.

So off I went to have some breakfast.  This is Amish country and I was told about this restaurant just around the corner whereby the food was fabulous.


And it was indeed.  There was so much in that portion that I took 1/2 of it away with me and now I also had lunch.


Now Bennie and I head back to the Lounge area to wait.  After sniffing every inch of the place and greeting everyone who came in he finally found a quiet corner to go back to sleep.  Naturally I had to go out to the car when I saw him settled to get his blanket.




Now this is a sign you don’t see posted at a Canadian RV place.


Sure enough they came and got me again shortly after lunch to show me their progress.  Jason,  the guy who was actually doing the work, said he’d have no problem finishing it by end of day and he would also adjust the chain so the toy haulers bed could be operated as it was intended to.

And yes, as promised my rig was brought back to me by 2:30PM but unfortunately he didn’t have a chance to check out the bed but would definitely do that the next day.  That of course meant another 4:30AM for me !!!  G R O A N !!

We tested the door several times and everything looked great.  The hinge is basically a huge piano hinge with several pre-drilled holes.

Jason told me for each hole the hinge came with he drilled another one for extra strength PLUS used MUCH longer screws/bolts.  I doubt that baby will cause me any further trouble.

But it really didn’t matter as the bike still hadn’t arrived so I had to wait for that.



  1. Overall it had to have been a good day knowing that you were finally getting this taken care of. Now we just hope it stays fixed.

  2. Sounds like excellent service, hope that is a permanent fix for you now.

  3. Benny is such a cutie. I am glad you thought they were awesome, you don't need anymore problems.

  4. To think you can finally handle the door by yourself again is so fantastic. Hope the bike shows up shortly.

  5. D....this is playing out Like a Paul Harvey Show.......Now You Know The Rest of The Storey