Saturday, May 10, 2014


NOTE:  I’ve been drafting this silly little post for a few weeks now and in the last days the weather has finally warmed up – a bit !!

‘Cause that’s all I really have to talk about.

Spring continues to take its time arriving and the temperatures are not warm by any means !


We have had some nice sunny days but not riding weather yet – Arizona sure has spoiled me when it comes to HEAT.


When I return to Canada each year I check my AirMiles (a Canadian Rewards Program) balance to see what I can get to redeem some of the ‘miles’ (points).

This is what I got this year.  Figure that will come in handy when I’m boondocking in the desert.


I looked online at this and found out it was selling for $120 !!  Not that I would pay that kinda money for it.  FREE is much better.

It came with a very nice carrying bag making it easy to store.


Now one thing about Ms. Daisy is that she sure doesn’t like WIND !  No Sireee !!  That’s likely because she’s such a tiny, slim little thing.  Not an ounce of fat on this girl.

NO power windows

NO cruise control

NO power door locks

NO alarm system

Do I miss all of those things.  Sure I do.  But it doesn’t make me LOVE MS. DAISY any less.  She sure came into my life at the perfect time seein’ as the weather has been so cold here.

She is now also officially a Canadian girl.  Got her NL Registration and Plates recently. Although she continues to tell me that her heart will always be in Arizona.

Put her new plate on but something was missing…….hmmmmm…..It looked kinda bare.


Had to correct that so where do you think I went…


This is their washrooms !!  LOL


And this is what I got for Ms. Daisy.


Yup, Much better now.


It was only yesterday that I finally got the bike out.  Even had quite the audience.  Rolie was very interested in how it was all done.

Boondocker's garage 001

And as many times as I’ve done this – I’m still very VERY cautious and take it slow and easy.

Boondocker's garage 005

Now the weather just needs to get a smidge warmer and I’ll be riding again.  There are so many great places in this area to ride.  Can’t wait !!


  1. I used to have a white Mazda that I called Miss Daisy. I agree spring is really slow getting sprung this year.

  2. We hurried right through spring and have hit summer - going to be 103 this week. Miss Daisy is looking pretty snazzy with her new frame.

  3. Nice to see you got your bike out , the warm day and you will be cruising, so much to see in that area, Niagara falls, Niagara on the Lake, Long Point and Port Burwell on Lake Eire.
    Some beautiful farmland and tiny villages along the lakes.
    Then you have the West coast of Ontario Lake Huron is awesome too..

  4. Ms Daisy wouldn't be YOUR Ms Daisy without something Harley on it. Are we surprised? Absolutely not. I'm even thinking it'll have a few more Harley add-ons in the very near future.

    1. Well Jeri she already has a HD steering wheel cover and hitch cover left over from the last car I had.

  5. Yeah, we snowbirds have all been spoiled by the desert south-west. I sure hate the cold springs up north and I'm looking for every sun ray I can catch. I wonder how you git Ms. Daisy registered in NL when you are in ON. In Alberta the vehicle must be present at time of registration.

    1. Peter, All I had to do was e-mail them the documents and they sent me the registration and plate. Did the same thing with my rig a few years ago and I was in B.C. then.

  6. Nice to have Ms Daisy to get you about until riding weather comes. But, then...!!!