Thursday, May 15, 2014


Well the weather FINALLY got warm enough to get the bike out.  Actually we even had a couple of TOO HOT and HUMID days.

It is so nice to be able to have all the doors and windows open.

I had quite the audience this time while getting the bike out.  Mr. R was very curious as to how it was done and asked a ton of questions.


Also had Mrs. J and their Daughter observing.


As many times as I’ve now done this – it continues to be slow and very carefully and I’m ever so relieved when it’s done.


First up after that was to clean the bike.  Boy was it dirty, still from all the Arizona dust and sand plus sitting in the garage for so long.

The next day I took it for a short spin out to Niagara-On-The-Lake – a gorgeous area about 1/2 hour or so from when I am.  AND I run into my friend Byron while riding.  He ‘claims’ he’s not stalking me !!  LOL

Turns out he came by where I was staying and of course I was gone.  He had just told me the day or so before about a particular place in NOTL and he figured that’s where I might have gone.  But still the chances of actually finding me were very remote.

There are dozens of different ways I could have gone there and come back.  So it was just by chance that he did actually find me and we ended up having a lovely little ride together.

Stopped at Tim’s for a cuppa and then he wanted to take me to a HD that was nearby.


It was a picture perfect day for riding.



There everywhere !  And apparently it’s not even ‘fly season’ yet.  Sure have to make sure the screen doors are closed.

I’d actually let them ‘live’ if they didn’t insist on buzzing around my head and ears !!  I must have swatted a thousand of them already.  So off to the store I go and get those sticky fly traps.  Hung several in the garage.


And even two in the house – not attractive looking but hey it works.



One particular day it was very hot and humid and it was so nice to sit outside reading my book – enjoying looking at the trees that are beginning to come to life again – and the gorgeous green grass – and know that “I” don’t have to maintain it !!  LOL

Bennie sure likes it also.


I really haven’t been doing much of anything – yet the days are flying by – and every day I’m out and about doing something – just don’t know what it is !!  LOL


  1. When we get back to this neck of the woods and everything is so green, I realize how much I miss it. I love staying places where there's grass and not dirt. Too bad the nice weather doesn't hang around here longer because then we would. Hate the flies!! Glad you have them instead of me. Well, wish you didn't have them either.

  2. As long as you don't get your hair caught up in those fly traps, they're just about the best defense you can have.
    Sure as heck wish this rain would let up. I've had enough for a few days. Crikey!

    1. Bob, I've already gotten my sleeve caught in the fly traps several times !! LOL I'm also pretty tired of this rain !!

  3. That os great that you finally got the bike out and toured down to NOTL, a nice ride along the Niagara Parkway. Keep enjoying this wonderful weather.

  4. Good to see you back on your bike. Hate flies buzzing around my head but good to see the fly traps actually work.

  5. Hi there... fun to read about your adventures, and I LOVE the photo of the two of you standing by your bikes!!! Wishing you great rides and a beautiful summer!

  6. I have some of those fly papers things too. I haven't used them for flies, but I did wrap one around the wire holding my hummingbird feeder once to stop the ants. It worked fine for that, too. Nice to hear things are going well and life is good. Pats to Bennie from me and Katie! :)

  7. Glad to see weather is warming for you. May 15 and I have only had three highway rides. It is taking a while to warm up down here.

  8. I swear I'm not stalkin you Denise!! I know that area better than anyone , so I knew you'd be taking the scenic route. It sure was nice to see you for a bit and will continue to "hound ya out"!! Keep June 22 on your calendar for our lunch at Hutches on the Beach near Hamilton on Lake Ontario....great fish n chips and ice cream to boot. Take care a ride safe and (stalk)see ya soon......

  9. I should have anywhere from 20-100 bikes there .....

  10. Glad you finally got to go for a ride. Looks like a nice hood you're hanging in.

  11. They are in a prima spot for sure and some of the nicest parts of Ontario............