Monday, April 14, 2014


This Season’s “return to Canada” has been very busy for some reason ??  Seems like my “To Do” list is not getting any shorter despite crossing numerous things off each day.

And it’s been awfully expensive also.  Gonna take me several months to get back on track !!


When crossing the Border with Ms. Daisy I had to pay the GST portion of the taxes.

I arrived in London, Ontario well over a week ago (April 5th) and wanted to get all the ‘chores’ out of the way before I settled into my Boondocking spot.

First order of business was getting ‘connected’ now that I’m back in Canada – Wi-Fi and Cell Phone.  I previously had both for several years now but cancelled both of them early last year when I was in B.C.  The RV Park that I spent all of last Summer at had free (and a great signal) Wi-Fi but the cell phone reception was virtually nil.

And of course now both the Turbo Stick that I had and my Cell Phone were ancient technology.

I went to the local Bell Canada store and purchased a MiFi Device.


I wanted to purchase this outright in order to avoid any type of contract.  No contracts for me !!  So far it’s working great.  Very similar to the Verizon MiFi I use in the States whereby you purchase data each month.  When I (hopefully) return to the States in the Fall I simply turn it off.

Next up was a cell phone.  I went to the local Wal-Mart and bought this.


I very seldom use a Cell Phone as I make all of my calls using Skype.  But I did want one for emergencies.  So again, I own the phone outright and buy minutes each month as I need them.

Next order of priority business was getting Ms. Daisy’s Safety Inspection done so she can become legal in Canada.  Went to the local Canadian Tire (aka Crappy Tire LOL) to get that done.


She flew through this Inspection – well almost – and the mechanic said he couldn’t believe what great condition she was in for a 1998.  Well she is an Arizona girl after all and of course she doesn’t know anything about things like SNOW or RUST !!

When I say ‘almost’ – they were not going to pass her for the Inspection because of the tires.  Personally I think they just looked at the ‘age’ of the tires and said FORGET ABOUT IT !!  Money grabbers that they are.

WELL I had a WORD OR TWO with them about that and once they realized I kinda knew what I was talking about PLUS the fact that I had had the tires checked previously- they passed it.

Got the paperwork off to NL Motor Registration and this is where the balance of the taxes had to be paid.  Ms. Daisy’s Registration and Plates are on their way to me now.

I ‘may’ have mentioned in my last couple of posts about how COLD it’s been.  Somehow I miscalculated and ended up arriving North two weeks earlier than I had to be.  WON’T make that mistake again.

So off to Canadian Tire again to find something else to heat the rig.  I LOVE my Mr. Heater and it has been quite sufficient up to this point.  I found a smaller version and now I am quite toasty.


The bike stickers were up for renewal so that had to be paid and I needed a new (filled) BBQ Tank.


And those are just the things I’m remembering right now.



  1. When it rains, it pours.... everything comes at once or not at all. bummer.

  2. Yep think you got to Ontario a tad too early, next day or too gonna be cold then a heat wave, we bringing it with us !

  3. Broke but ready for anything. Not the worst place to be in life.

  4. It's great having those auxiliary heaters, but I know in my rig if it gets too cold I have to run the on board furnace because it is ducted near all the water lines and pump and keep them from freezing. How do you keep your pipes in the basement from freezing if you're not running the furnace. Was just wondering??

    1. Ruth, Larry pretty much summed it up in his comment below - stay away from freezing temperatures.

      My rig has two heat pumps - but I've never used them.

      I go South in the Fall - before the temps drop to below freezing - and North in the Spring - after (usually) the temps have risen somewhat.

  5. Ruth, that's the million dollar question every RVer would like the answer to!! :-) LOL The only answer that I've found is...don't be anywhere where the temps are below freezing! Good advice in any case! LOL :-)

    My MH, a Pace Arrow 35, has frozen up twice. The first time when it unfroze the outside shower connection split from the freeze. I tried insulating that better. The next time things froze when it unfroze I had no damage (knock on wood). I think in that case only the water pump froze as it's near an outside bay. I feel really lucky the pump didn't break, because I still haven't figured out how to get at it. Figuring out how to get at the pump is on this years to-do list! I'm still thinking about how I can get some heat to that area during freeze ups (without using the furnace or electricity).

    Happy Trails!

    Larry from the NW

  6. You are getting stung with some cash outlays....but, hopefully, Ms. Daisy runs with you for many years to come and the one time GST/PST is just that; one time! Good on you for sticking to your guns with the 'Crappy Tire" guys who tried to sell you some new tires.

  7. Good for you with the tires. Now that you're back in Canada you'll have to settle in and get ready for the trip south you get to make in the fall. I'd like to get one of those little auxiliary heaters. I'm going to add that to my list.

  8. Wow, that was an expansive posting! You sure you don't want a house instead? :)))

  9. Now hopefully you can settle in and relax for awhile. Can't believe you're two weeks early. The weather has got to start improving shortly. But there was snow in Montana again today. Way to go to stand up for your tires.

  10. I think I feel bad for Ms. Daisy. Poor thing being dragged off to Canada and all. You're supporting the economy, so thanks! *snort*