Wednesday, April 16, 2014

TV ---- OUT !!

I’ve mentioned several times previously that my rig came with FOUR TV’s !!  Why on earth anybody would want or need FOUR TV’s in their rig is beyond me !  But to each their own.

The TV in the main living area (over the dash) rattles and shakes like crazy when I’m driving.  Drives me nuts.  But this trip North that I-65/69 that I took was really bad and the TV was rattling so much I was beginning to fear it was going to fall down on top of me.

I swore that as soon as I got settled – and had an extra set of hands to help me – out it was coming !!

So when Linda & Guy visited the other day that’s exactly what happened.


Certainly didn’t take long to get that baby out.  Four screws went through the bracket into the TV and then there was a strap/screw holding each side to the bracket.  One of these straps was broken off !!


OK, So now the ‘easy’ part is done.


I taped up all those hanging wires so they won’t go banging around the next time I’m driving.


And then I put the 4 screws back into the bracket and taped them there.  If I didn’t do that I’d never find them again.  You see I have a tendency to put things in a very safe place for when I might need them next – never to be able to find them again !!


Now what to do with that big awful opening ??  Not being one for an ‘original’ idea, I simply STOLE from what DIANNE & TOM did when they took out their TV.

Off to Michaels I went and got this Foam Board.


The width was fine but the height was just a little too long so I had to cut some of it off.


“Measure twice – cut once” – At $28.24 for a sheet of this stuff I certainly didn’t want to screw up.


All cut to size and now getting ready to use those double sided adhesive strips.


I just love these Command products.  I’ve used them in the rig to hang everything I have.  No more nails for me.


No doubt way too many strips on it but I wanted to make sure it would hold securely.  This Foam Board is very, very light but better to be on the safe side.




DIANNE I simply couldn’t resist taking this pic !!  LOL


Another job checked off my never ending list of things TO DO.


  1. I loved that idea when Diane posted it also. I'm trying to get Jim to think about it for our TV cabinet in the Bungalow. By the way - Jim got the battery tender all hooked up that we got from you a couple years ago. He is so excited about it. Now we just need the batteries.

  2. Nice job and nice idea!!

  3. Neat idea to cover the open space with the TV gone. No more rattles during your drives!!!

  4. Good to not have that hanging over you. :)

  5. Oh, Denise... we love it! And, you will so enjoy NOT listening to the tv rattle around as you drive, not to mention the fear of it falling on you! Anyway, looks great! Must give credit though to Nancy and Dave... we stole the idea from them, as they have foam core and art covering their tv. We just took it one step further and removed the tv, like you... great storage area! And, I chuckled at your sign, "artwork goes here." Now, to take it a step further... when you find a picture or poster you like, simply use spray adhesive to mount it to a remaining piece of foam core, then cut the foam core to the size of the picture. Mount that to the center of your large cover... then you can change it out now and again as the spirit moves you. So fun to share ideas! Hugs from us to you!!

  6. Hey, that's a pretty cool idea, good job! :)

  7. And, you're right that's exactly what Diane did. We thought it was a great idea too. Well, not to remove the TV but to put something somewhere on a blackboard.

  8. Great Job you are such a handy woman.

  9. Looking forward to seeing the finished product--the idea of changeable artwork in the middle is fantastic! You're lucky that ole TV didn't fall on you!

  10. What great idea. We had the same TV rattling/ threatening-to-fall- down problem in our class A. In the trailer it tends to jump off its mount, so we hold in place with a ratchet-tie-down strap, but nonetheless, there were so many bad roads, it jumped down even with the straps on. That says it all.