Sunday, April 13, 2014


Thank gawd I had my jig saw puzzles to help pass the time.


The first day wasn’t so bad as it was sunny but very cold.  But at least with the sun coming through the front windshield it kept the rig warm enough during the day.

I used that day to putter around the house and do some cleaning.  While vacuuming the cord caught the sugar bowl (yes, the top was off) and that flew on the floor – sugar going everywhere.  More work !!  LOL

Only when I finished cleaning up the floor did I see this:


G*R*O*A*N !!  I sure know how to ‘make work’ for myself don’t I !Baring teeth smile

The second day was very cold again but felt colder due to the rain, fog and wind.  I had to run my generator pretty much the whole day and all evening so I could run my electric heater along with my Mr. Heater.

My main concern was trying to keep my little guy warm…


I also called the Border people to see if they could process my paperwork early.  NOT A CHANCE.  They have to do some searches to make sure the car wasn’t stolen etc. but the main thing they told me was it was LAW that I had to wait 72 hours after the paperwork was received by them.


Yup, I was stuck there for three whole days with my main source of entertainment being watching the price of gas drop on the gas station that was directly in front of me.  When I arrived there it was $3.669 – the next day when I looked out it was $3.659 – a few hours later it was $3.649 and again later in the SAME DAY it was $3.639.

You can see by the next picture how foggy it was.


The second day I got on the phone to try and find an RV Park to get myself into so I could have electricity.  My water supply and tanks were fine.  None of them were open – too early in the Season.  As a matter of fact, when one guy answered the Parks phone he was still in Florida !!!

There was a Park I saw while driving around on the ‘sunny’ day that was just up the road from Wal-Mart and appeared to be open.  I left several messages but no return call.

It’s a very dirty time of year anywhere ‘North’.  This is a very common sight.


Finally I was able to reach someone the next morning and he said the ground was very soft but I should be able to get in enough not to be blocking the other cars from coming and going.  AND he would only charge me $10.00 as I didn’t need water or sewer.

I got in the car and went there to check it out.  Yup, It was doable.  While there I ran into the wife and she even offered to drive me back to Wal-Mart so I wouldn’t have to hook-up and then un-hook again.

Let me tell you, you never saw anybody get those slides in and move so fast !!

It was still a very long day but at least I was warm and didn’t have to listen to that gawd awful generator noise !!

Finally on the infamous THIRD day I was on the road to cross the Border.

Ms. Daisy sailed through the Border ‘exporting’ and ‘importing’ process and we were on Canadian soil in no time.


I’ve been very busy settling back into Canada but I’ll save all that for another Blog post.  It’s been so long since I blogged I figured I’d better get something out there.



  1. Holy cow! 72 hours can be a very long time--so glad you're singing 'Oh, Canada' once again--and once again with feeling this time!

  2. You haven't left the cold completely behind you. There is still some hanging around here, don't put your long johns away just yet!!!!

  3. Hey Sass...welcome back across the 49th. Spring has taken hold here on the rock with avengence and, if it keeps up, I may actually get to ride by late April (if we get that two or three days of heavy rain to wash the asphalt). that'll be early foor us.

  4. Snow can be so beautiful when it is falling but it is so dirty and yucky just a day later. I am so glad you are over the border and now if it will just warm up for you. We're back to perfect weather today here. In the 80's.

  5. Glad you finally made across the border! The weather is still on the cold side, here too. And rain to come for most of the week. I got a guest - Gracie. She looks much alike your sweet Bennie.

  6. Oh, man, that sugar thing - one of those things that happen and there's no one else to blame, nothing else to do but clean it up. What a pain. The only thing worse is when that happens with a liquid. I hate it when THAT happens!

    I'm glad Miss Daisy sailed through the border and all is well. Must be nice to be back on Canadian soil. Love the photos of Bennie - I noticed you put your sweatshirt over him. Not only is he warm, but sleeping with your sweatshirt must make him even more warm and cozy. Sometimes I do that with Katie and she loves it.

    What now? Where to? :)

  7. Thats a good thing that you finally made it across the border, and now having a few days of nice weather.
    But gonna get cold of Tuesday so think we will stay safe and warm here in Ohio for a couple more days.
    Take care and keep yourself warm.

  8. Glad you finally made it safely across the border. Hopefully within your six month limit. I wonder what would happen if they wouldn't let you cross in time?

  9. Welcome to Canada, eh. Sucks about that 72 hours, especially listening to the genny all that while. It'll warm up. Eventually.

  10. Cleaning up sugar has got to be a first but glad it was you and not me! Glad you're finally on your own ground. We're still waiting for winds to die down so we can head home too. Oh wait ... we are home. It's just our home we want to move.

  11. Always a great feeling to be back in Canada eh:))

  12. Glad you made it back ok, hope the weather is warming up for you.

  13. Sassy,

    You might consider installing a Newport Dickenson propane heater. I have installed the P9000 in my motorhome. I full time & love it. If you have room, the P12000 should be good for most occasions. They're both vented to the outside & use very little DC power. Canadian made. I have also a permanently installed Olympian Wave 6 propane heater I use as a backup. It functions like your Mr. Heater. Not vented. I have to be desperate to use it. LOL Just suggestions. I love being warm when I boondock!! :-) Email me if you have any questions. I'd be happy to share pics of my installations. Happy Trails!!! Larry from the NW

    1. Sorry, no blog. Are you able to pick my email of my Google ID?

  14. What is that puzzle website? It looks really fun. Thanks. Becki

  15. Glad they let you back in and good news on the new import.