Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Just another example of how people park so close to you.  You will notice at least FOUR other parking spaces behind me but they had to park right up against Ms. Daisy.


Didn’t matter to me because I was pulling out forward and made sure I left plenty of room – but still !!

So off I head to Elkhart, IN on Sunday and got settled in comfortably at Wally’s early in the day.  Even got some errands done like the tanks, propane etc.

I had made a decision early in my trip East this year to go the direction that would put me in Elkhart vicinity and I’m sure glad I did.  It was a bit of a detour but well worth it.

I’ve had difficult with opening/closing the ramp door since I got this rig and have been in contact several times over the years with the Company that actually makes the parts for it.

This difficulty has become increasingly worse over the years to the point that I would have to go inside and push the door out as much as I could when I wanted to open it.

I got to CASS HUDSON early yesterday morning and they got to work right away.  I can’t say enough about the fantastic service I received from the minute I got there.  This Company DOES NOT do service work and DOES NOT deal with ‘regular’ Customers – just major Manufacturers -  yet still went out of their way to help me.

I have been in touch with Rick at Cass Hudson off and on since July, 2011 with various questions regarding ideas to make the ramp door easier for me to close and open.

This Company does NOT make the actual door - They make and provide the parts pertaining to the ramp door to the various RV Manufactures and Newmar is one of them.

They started talking about struts and rollers and all kinds of other stuff I have no idea about.


In the above picture are Rick, his wife Debbie and Darren discussing what they could do to help me.  Now Debbie was something else !!!  She knew as much about struts and rollers and all the rest of the gizmos as the two guys did !!

Before very long there was a SHOW STOPPER !!!  Rick said what he had in mind couldn’t be done as they could not access it due to the steel bar I had installed.

I had this steel bar and winch installed so that I could get the ramp door closed.  I blogged about that HERE.


But now this bar is in the way and Rick said they were not equipped to remove it.  Remember Folks, they are not a service place.


They needed quiet now to think – I got out of the way.  You could see the smoke billowing as Rick and Darren tried to come up with a solution !!  LOL

They were not giving up easily that’s for sure !!


And a SOLUTION they did come up with !!!  They would cut off the steel bar – if I agreed – however, DID NOT have the facilities to put it back on.  NO PROBLEM, I said, I can deal with that later. And in fact, may not even need it anymore.

So Rick proceeds to grind off the welding points in order to remove the steel bar.  They made sure the bike was well protected before this grinding started.


They need to get at these parts and replace them.  The steel bar was preventing them from doing that.


One side done.


Old parts….


Then Darren puts in the new, more improved parts.


They also wanted to replace the two brackets but could not get the old ones off.  I took the two new brackets with me as this is something I can also deal with later.


This is the old roller.  New and much better rollers were installed.


A couple of hours later the job is done and what a HUGE improvement it was.  Yes, The door is huge and heavy, however, now sooooooo much easier for me to pull down and push back up.

A really BIG THANKS to the Folks at Cass Hudson for outstanding service !!

I’m on my way and am now in Michigan – the last State before I’m back in Canada.


I’ll either cross the Border today or tomorrow – haven’t decided yet.

Hmmmm,  I suppose they’ll let me back into Canada !!??  Surprised smile


  1. What a great group of people. They definitely went beyond normal customer service to help you out. Hope you get across the border without any issues.

  2. Good on you to persevere with the needed repair. No ramp door should be that hard to open or to close.

  3. I know it probably ain't to warm in Michigan right now, but the pick you have posted there looks a whole hell-of-alot better than the ones from my world today. I'll post a few later on today. Safe travels and all the best with Border Services...smoke all that weed before you cross over... :)

  4. Glad you finally got that ramp door issue straightened around.
    Sorry we're still in Florida and won't be able to wave if you cross over the Ambassador Bridge.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. That's great you finally got that fixed. Now it's on down the road with those things behind you. Hopefully, you'll be able to stay warm until summer finally arrives in Canada.

  6. Such a great bunch of people there to help you out, hope it continues to work well for you.
    Want you to melt all that snow before we get there please.

  7. I'm so glad you were able to get that taken care of! Little by little, things keep getting better every year, right?

    Glad you left some room in front of you to get out of that parking lot. Geez! What's wrong with people???