Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Sometime I wonder how I get myself out of bed in the morning without doing something wrong or hurting myself !!  Embarrassed smile

No doubt, those of you who have been following along with me for awhile have wondered that a long, long, time ago !! Nyah-Nyah

I could have easily crossed into Canada yesterday but I still had about 1 1/2 GB’s left on my Verizon MiFi and I wanted to use that up.  I had several TV Shows that I was behind on.  So yesterday I relaxed and played on the computer for the afternoon and evening and watched 3 TV Shows that I like.

Well it turns out it was “meant to be” that I didn’t attempt the Border yesterday.

This morning I’m checking my documents (which I’ve already done before) and reading my notes re ‘exporting’ Ms. Daisy from the States and ‘importing’ her into Canada.  Now this is something I ‘know’ as I’ve done it before.  And it’s a very easy process.

When I was doing my original research I learned that because she is older than 15 years I did not have to go through RIV plus Transport Canada and RIV did not require anything due to the age of the car.

Well “my mind” (‘da poor old thing !) translated that into I don’t have to send U.S. Customs anything in advance whereas their requirement is normally that the documents have to be sent to the U.S. Border crossing 72 hours in advance.

So this morning I’m just reading over my notes etc. and they CLEARLY say

“Must advise U.S. Customs 72 hours in advance. When you know what Border crossing you’ll be going through, call them to ensure they accept a fax and their hours.”

YIKES !!!  and Here I am now less than one hour from the Border and I haven’t done that.

I contacted the U.S. Border office and they are ADAMANT that they cannot do anything for me to ‘rush’ this through.

Truth of the matter very likely is that whatever searches they have to do are online and can be done in seconds – but they were not budging !

So here I am stuck in the small Town of NOTHING HERE, USA for the next THREE days. 

Certainly not a HD store for sure in this small Town.  Why even bother checking.

Yup, I’m really to be pitied for sure !!

Now the good news is that I am getting quite good at hooking up and un-hooking Ms. Daisy.  I had to do that in Decatur when the slide-out was being serviced.  And again in Elkhart when the ramp door was being serviced.

The bad news is that this time I forgot to get my finger out of the way when I was pushing in the locking arms of the tow bar.  OUCH !!  Man oh Man, That hurt !!


AND you will never in a million years believe this !!!!  There is actually a Harley Davidson in this small town of NOWHERE, USA !!  AND it is less than a mile from Wally’s !!

I managed to putter away the day today so guess where I’ll go tomorrow. Winking smile


  1. OK, let me just think for a minute..................yup you went to the HD-place. Right? Hopefully they will let you through with Ms.Daisy. She is sooo cute.

  2. Another day; another glitch. Sounds like RVing OK. At least there is an HD to help you wait.

  3. Relaxing sounds like a good idea and it certainly worked out good for you too. At least you have time to get done what you need to get done before you cross over. Ouch!!

  4. That really looks sore. And the best laid plans always go awry. A Harley place in nowhere - you really did luck out. Patience.

  5. Well, if there is a Harley Davidson shop anywhere, you will find it.

    Good luck with the export and import of you little 'ute'.

  6. Gotta do what ya gotta do. And if the HD dealer is there, sure you could spend three days hanging out. Then travel safe and keep warm.

  7. Geez, it's like you have some sort of "HD Store Radar". Pinched fingers hurt like the Dickens. Try not to do that.

  8. Well as least you re read the paperwork. Much better than having to turn around at the border. Don't spend too much at HD.

  9. Don't hurry. There are two ferries stuck in the ice between NS and NL.
    source: cbc news canada:

    "Two Marine Atlantic ferries with 800 passengers on board are free from thick ice after being trapped off the coast of Cape Breton overnight into Thursday.

    The MV Highlanders and the MV Blue Puttees became stuck Wednesday night in three metres of thick set ice.

    Marine Atlantic said the Highlanders freed itself from the ice and made its way to Port aux Basques, in southwestern Newfoundland, at 1:30 p.m. AT.

    The Blue Puttees docked in North Sydney just before 4 p.m. AT after being helped by a third Marine Atlantic vessel — the MV Atlantic Vision — which was able to clear a patch from the North Sydney ferry terminal. "

  10. ouch on the finger I'm sure that hurt like heck!!! good luck at the border-we also are enroute to crossing....not looking forward to the weather back home

  11. Keeping good thoughts for you! Ouch, and glad it wasn't worse! One thing we all certainly understand is these ups and downs... remember when I let our vehicle insurance lapse last August? Yep, it happens! Take care and be well! BIG HUGS!!

  12. You were meant to stay in the USA longer.

  13. Have a nice day! Ouch poor little finger got hurt. Need to be bit careful!

  14. D are you back in CANADA ??????

  15. Isn't it nice to have to be somewhere for three days after all that driving? God just rewarded you for being patient with a HD store. And also a Wal-Mart parking lot. It sounds like a great place to stage your entrance into Canada. LOL

    Ouch, that finger looks like it really hurt, poor thing. You must be where you want to be by now - I just realized it's over a week since you posted. :)