Saturday, March 29, 2014


The RV place was able to look at my slide-out first thing Friday morning.  It was ‘thumping’ once, sometimes twice, as it was going in – like it was catching on something.

Turns out it was a simple thing - one of the rollers was toast !  This is what a new one looks like:


BUT they didn’t have any in stock !!  GROAN !  Said I would have to wait until Monday for the part to arrive.

BUT luck was on my side as when the mechanic guy talked to the Parts girl she immediately said one of the guys was already on their way to Nappanee (Newmar’s Head Office) (two hours away) to pick up other parts.  She called him to pick up the roller.

The mechanic guy said if he was back in time it was a very simple fix and he would get it done right away.  If the guy got back after the Service Department closed then I would have to wait until Monday.

So I had the whole day to kill – and Ms. Daisy was unhooked so……


Hey !  It was only 20 miles from where I was – well it took me 40 miles to find it as Ms. Betsy decided to DIE and I was trying to following Google Maps on my computer.

Of course I bought the ‘obligatory’ T-Shirt – but this time I went ALL OUT – I didn’t buy WHITE !!


I had not been to this particular location before – quite a nice store.  I admit I did have several other things in my hand but I used extreme restraint and put them back on the shelf !!


Don’t even ask me how many HD T-Shirts I have now !!  What I wonder about is, what I’m going to do with them all when I get my Gold Wing Trike !!!????

Shortly after I got back I was told the part had arrived.   YIPPEEEEE !!

They had to kinda lift the slide up ….


So they could insert these wedge things to hold it up while replacing the roller.


It took him less than a minute to put on the new roller !!

Off Junior (great RV mechanic) goes with the old broken roller.


It was too late then to get back on the road so I spent the night there again.

Got back on the road this morning to NOT NICE driving conditions…..


And it certainly didn’t improve …..


My route took me through Downtown, Somewhere, USA – wasn’t keen on that either.


I only drove 45 Miles up ‘da road because I don’t have to be in Elkhart until Monday morning.

So I’m in Columbia City, IN where it is 40F/4.6C and going down to 25F/-4C tonight.  I simply cannot get warm !!  I even resorted to putting the slide in to contain the heat AND turning on the generator for awhile this afternoon so I could run my electric heater along with my Mr. Heater.

Oh Dear !


  1. Fixing the slide worked out really well. Brrrr. One of those nights you have to sleep with socks & a sweater on! Hope it warms up!

  2. Love the windshield photos. Brings back a lot of memories.

    You and Bennie stay warm!

  3. If you cross over to the "other side"...haha, then have someone to make a quilt out of all your tshirts. They can use the fronts and back to make the top, then add a nice flannel to the back side to make a warm quilt for you to use. Oh, I have the Tri Glide trike and wish it was a GW with the CSC Viper kit, they are awesome, ride smoother and handle better. So, go for it and you'll find that you'll want to ride it everywhere.

  4. Goldwing trike??? That will be a COLD day..........

  5. Glad you got appointment number one behind you. I hate driving on roads in that nasty weather. Heck, I hate that nasty weather even if I'm not driving. Ick! Look at it this way .... July is coming.

  6. Gross...Yuck...ugh...and any other anti-snow word that one can think of...meanwhile back here on the rock...yup, more snow tonight and tomorrow.

  7. Nice easy fix for your slide, glad it things are getting better, except for the weather.

  8. It's Spring in the Upper Midwest. We had summer today but will have winter tomorrow. Timing driving north gets really challenging at this time of year as you well know. Just make it safely is all we ask of you.

  9. Hey! We missed each other by a few hours. We went through Elkhart, IN Sunday morning around 9 AM. The weather was cold but sunny. We are now in Danville, PA : Snow, sleet, freezing rain - and more to come for Monday and Tuesday. Drive safely!