Wednesday, March 26, 2014



Arrived in Columbus, IN to a freezing 42F/5.7C  and it’s going to a low of 29F/-2C  tonight.


So you might as well take me off your Blog reading list for at least two months because all I’m going to be doing is complaining about how frikkin’ COLD I am !!

Even had to pull out one of Bennie’s WINTER sweaters as the poor little guy was shivering this morning.


I now have driven 2,340 Miles/3,766 KMS and left Tennessee behind me today.


I had to get through Nashville first thing this morning and by looking at Google it looked a bit tanglie to me.  And tanglie it was, made worse by construction.  I felt like I was going around in circles for about an hour until I finally got going on I-65 North again.

Had another false alarm today with my TPMS.  As before, I happened to glance at it and the light was RED.  I watched two full rotations of the tires and all were showing ok with the PSI and with the temperature.


So I unplugged it and turned it off for a few minutes and when I turned it back on everything was fine.  DIANNE/TOM and NINA/PAUL take note.


Self, You have to stop having HEART ATTACKS when you see that RED light.

You can only have a HEART ATTACK when you see that RED light PLUS there is SQUEAKING !!

NAN I’ve run into nothing but construction on this entire trip !  And we all know what happens when there’s construction…..

I think (?) these pictures were taken trying to get through Louisville ??


Things heard on the radio over the last days…..

Why is the word abbreviated so long ?

There a big sale somewhere on guns and ammo.

And there’s a big sale somewhere else on cows.



Anybody who has driven the Interstates knows all about the pieces of tires all over the Highway.  On this trip it seems I’ve seen more of it.

How many times have I thought that I’m sure glad I wasn’t behind that 18 wheelie when all that rubber was flying off in pieces.

Well you know it was bound to happen and happen it did today.  Thankfully I keep a good distance between me and the vehicle in front of me.  I saw this ‘thing’ flying in the air – at first I thought it was one of his mud flaps – and it well could have been.

The driver obviously knew about it right away because he braked quickly as pieces of the tire were flying everywhere.  He put on his flashers and as I passed him I saw one of his inner dualies with only the bare rim showing.



My Mr. Heater is wonderful but certainly can’t keep up with these type of freezing temps.  So in order to keep me warm – without having to turn on that LOUD furnace – I’ve placed it on my bench/table so that the heat is pouring directly on me.




  1. Bummer trip for sure - but at least it wasn't your tire shredding on the freeway - I always worry about that happening in front of me, too.

    Sorry you guys are so cold - layers and layers of clothes from now on. Eat a good hot meal when you stop. At least that will be something to look forward to. Drive safe. :)

  2. My heart aches for you with the cold because I would feel the same way. Good advice - no heart attack until you have both red and sound. Glad that piece of tire didn't hit you. Hang in there, you will get home. One day at a time.

  3. Ugh! That drive up into the cold belt is certainly no picnic.

    We roll with the very same tire pressure monitoring system as yours. The only suggestion I can offer is to make certain that all mini units are tightened hard to the valve stem. We've rolled for two years without any issues. Hope that helps.

    Continued success with your drive northward.

  4. Tell ya what....we are in Borrego Springs and the temperature is 61*......after high eighties, this too feels mighty cold, especially with the cold. I sure hope that you do not get lake effect snow form Lake Michigan.

  5. Sounds like it's time to break out the long johns and sweatshirts. Oh wait .. you already have? You might just keep your TPMS as entertainment and ignore the warnings since they don't seem to be working well anyway. We've thought often how lucky we weren't around when the trucks lose tire tread. Good luck and keep on going one hour at a time.

  6. Just be glad you're not on "Da Rock" just yet. They're getting one helluva storm. Try not to let the TPMS freak you out.

  7. Just keep travelling safe and hope you can warm things up we are just three weeks behind you.

  8. You should keep your Mister Heater on the floor because heat does rise so both you and Bennie would feel its effects.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  9. I have a single wide version of that bench/table and my heater is smaller than yours so I may steal that idea. Thanks.

    I hated our TPMS. It made me think of the boy who cried wolf. The sound ours made was so piercing it hurt. I did not transfer it to my van.

    We are having gorgeous looking snowflakes outside our window right now. Sure glad I don't have to go out there.

  10. Poor Bennie looks c-c-cold! It's been cold here this winter--I'm getting dang tired of cold toilet seats! My brother-in-law bought a heated toilet seat once & installed it in their guest bathroom...that was NICE! So glad the driver was careful! Try to stay warm...