Monday, March 17, 2014


And no winds !  A slight breeze and it was warm with temps in the low 70’s.


I had a leisurely morning and didn’t even get on the road until 1:00PM – knowing I was only going about 40 Miles today.  I ended up going a whopping 48.6 Miles – and that’s only because I missed my Exit and had to drive several miles to get turned around.

Lots of great comments/suggestions from yesterday’s post.  I knew the problem was not coming from my awning.


The THUD noise was coming from the other side of the rig.

PLUS, my first year on the road, while in Q, I saw a mobile Awning Repair Guy driving around.  That was when I had the Class C and I don’t even remember now what was wrong with my awning.  What he told me at the time was to secure my awning with Velcro straps.  He said you wouldn’t believe how many service calls he makes to people on the Highway stranded because their awning came apart while driving.

Ever since then I secure BOTH awning arms with THREE Velcro straps.


I also knew it wasn’t one of my compartment doors banging because I had checked them also.

I know a lot of rigs have ‘awnings’ over their windows but mine doesn’t.  But it does have a ‘topper’ over the slide-out.  Maybe some people call that an awning ??


And that’s exactly where the THUD was coming from.  I think when the slide is in and rolled up in that ‘metal cover’ thing the wind was getting in there and flapping it ??


I sure hope it doesn’t happen again because it frightened ‘da beee jazuss outta me !!

As soon as I pulled in today I unhooked Ms. Daisy and went scouting around.  I had found two boondocking spots within 10 Miles of here and I wanted to check them out.  The reviews online were mixed.

I did find both of them and they were both quite nice – City Parks on a Lake – BUT there wasn’t a soul around so I knew I would not be comfortable staying there.

Look what I saw while driving today….


YIKES !  Makes me wonder how on earth something like that could happen !!


Tomorrow is going to be a totally NON DRIVING DAY and I will take the opportunity to do some errands ie. Laundry; get Ms. Daisy’s tire pressure checked – according to my TPMS there’s quite a variation in the PSI’s; and if I’m feeling energetic enough I might even clean some of the bugs off my windshield.

Oh I miss my Brother for that.  Every single night when we pulled in he would clean the windshield.

I will also get up on the roof to secure that A/C cover better.

The temperature is going to a high of the low 80’s – LOVE IT !!

Oh and there just happens to be a Harley Davidson in this little Town. GASP !   Perhaps I might swing by and check that out ???  Winking smile 

I might even find something there to cover those stains on the dash !!


  1. Jim thinks it's the thingie on the edge of the slide topper rather than that metal thingie. Got that? That is what puts the tension on the topper and it might be loose. Think you an get out of that Harley place without buying anything? Two times might just be more than you can handle.

  2. At least the weather is nice and the winds are gone. That'll make sleeping so much easier for you too. Enjoy the day and the sunshine.

  3. Glad you found your mystery thud. We will be headed home to Oklahoma on Friday and hope that the dreaded March winds will stay away from Arkansas and Oklahoma.

  4. Woa! I wonder if that tractor trailer got caught in yesterday's wind? I hope no one got hurt! And glad you found the Thud source--that must be a huge relief.

  5. Nice to relax and rest up for a bit, Nice that the Thud is gone away.

  6. It's possible that semi-trailer blew over in the wind. It looks like it was empty so not much weight to offset those large sides. Our daughter, an OTR driver, says there is a stretch of I-80 in Wyoming where they ban empty semi's when the winds are strong. That's why I didn't like you driving in those winds.

  7. Nothing you can tighten on the awning, just hook one end of a bungee cord in one of the holes on the end cap of the awning, wrap in around the end cap and hook the other end on to the support rod so the awning can't unroll with a wind gust. Just make sure to unhook the bungee cord before you extend the slide.

    The awning guy was WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!! about tying the awning arms closed. While that will keep the arms tight to the side of your motorhome, a gust of wind can still get under the awning and cause it to billow open. To be sure it does not billow out, you can do the exact same thing to the awning with a bungee cord as I told you for the other side.

    Do a search on about this, there are pictures of different solutions to billowing awnings.