Sunday, March 16, 2014


I’ve been on the road heading East for 12 days now (that’s including the time I spent in Deming) and have put 996 Miles behind me.  With still over 1,500 Miles to go IF I follow Google and go the direct way – which I likely won’t because I wanna keep South (WARM) for as long as possible.  G*R*O*A*N

While in Deming I visited DIANNE & TOM in their rig and noticed a knob on their screen door slide thing…

Here’s what they look like when you buy them.


WELL !  I had to keep up with those Jones’s you know and off I went to Wal-Mart to get some knobs for my screen sliders !


Had to get two as I have two doors.  AND I got them to match the kitchen cupboard knobs.  FANCY SMANCHY HUH !

p.s.  I don’t use them !!  LOL  I still use the protruded part to open and close it.


While waiting in Deming for my Tire Monitor Sensors to arrive I decided to try and get a few layers of the ARIZONA DUST off my dash.  I had a compass on there that no longer worked so I took it off.

Naturally there was some adhesive left so I applied nail polish remover carefully to a paper towel – like I’ve done a gazillion times in the past on various surfaces.  But clearly not carefully enough as some of the nail polish remover spilled from the bottle onto the dash.

I wiped it off immediately but look at what it did to the dash !!!


I wiped it off several times and scrubbed.  These ‘stains’ are NOT coming out !!!  Someone PLEASE tell me that they will fade away in time ???? Crying face


My neighbours one evening.  A little close but they were quiet.  Also camera shy ‘cause when I pointed the camera to take a picture they turned their heads.


After leaving Deming, NM my next stop was El Paso, TX.  And you simply CANNOT stop in El Paso without going here…..


Oh yes, yes, yes I know !!  I may have stopped there a time or two in the past but it’s such an amazing store.


Saying it is HUGE would be an understatement.  Oh Byron, I was thinking of you.





And yet I left there EMPTY HANDED !  I know unbelievable huh !  Just goes to show how many HD’s I’ve stopped at over the last years and how much stuff I’ve acquired.  Too Much !!

I found El Paso to have very aggressive drivers.  You know – little boys driving big honkin’ trucks so they can feel like ‘men’.  We all know the type I’m sure.

Bennie having a bad hair day.  LOL


Today was a very STRESSFUL day driving and bone chilling cold with a High of only 52F/11C.  Very high wind gusts also.  PLUS something BANGING on the rig while driving that made me pull in three times to investigate.  Will have to Blog about all that next time.


  1. Hi there... SOOOO sorry about the faded spots on your dash! Dang, that is too bad. The only thing I can think of is maybe rubbing them with coffee? Maybe they would darken a bit, at least? Good luck. Anyway, on a lighter note... too fun about your knobs on the "door slide thing." FANCY SMANCHY is right!!! Your Deming post was a great overview of our evening at the Adobe Deli... good fun. I will send you an e-mail, as I'm still having trouble linking from my blog to yours. Catch you later... Be well!

  2. So have ya come across any honkin' big Honda stores???

  3. Honestly, I don't think those spots will come off/or fade. In future, if you want to get rid of adhesive residue you can use some vegetable oil on a rag or buy some Goo Gone. I have a bottle of that in the rig AND at home and it's amazing stuff. You know if you buy something made out of glass and they put those danburn price tags on them that no matter how careful you are, there is ALWAYS some left behind. Either of the 2 tricks above work great.
    Try using some furniture polish on a rag on your dash but honestly I think you're stuck with it.

  4. I park for high wind gusts. I don't need to be blown off the road. You don't either. Be safe, please.

  5. I agree with Linda - stop driving in the wind. I like your neighbors. Even if they got noisy I'd still prefer them to a lot of the human types. Sorry about your dash. Absolutely no suggestions for you.

  6. or any other weather website out there will keep you up to date on those strong wind gusts. The only thing I can think about to help cover up those stains is a good Harley decorated table runner to go over the top of your dash!

    Some folks drive around El Paso instead of going through the town. Of course, that's long and mountainous and "stupid" in our opinion. We want to get it behind us.

  7. We were thinking Harley dash cover.Don't be driving when it's windy like are not in that big a hurry

  8. You are living my retirement dream. Only my two wheel baby is a red Goldwing. My rv is a senior citizen, but is comfortable and road ready. My real problem is coming up with what I think is enough money. But look for me one day soon I'll be out there a month at a time at least.
    Keep on keepin on


  9. We had our patio awning bang like that the one time we drove in strong wind. I have heard of people having it torn off. That might be what you are hearing. I think some people have a way of tying them down.

  10. Is your TV antenna on the roof in the area of the thuds. Sometimes I have had mine raise up a few inches and slam back down and make a thud during windy conditions. I agree with above about covering with dash cover as I don't think anything will make it look any better.