Thursday, March 27, 2014


I’ve really been putting a push on the last couple of days for a couple of reasons. 

First, It’s so damn COLD I might as well be driving !!  Not like I can pull in, open windows, go for a walk etc.

Second reason is that I had an appointment for Monday in Decatur, IN at an RV place to have them have a look at my main slide-out.

I also have an appointment for next Tuesday in Elkhart, IN (less than 100 Miles from here) with the Company that actually MAKES the ramp door for this rig.  I’m hoping they will be able to do something to make it a little easier pulling down and pushing up.

The problem with the second appointment is that the guy is going on Holidays next Wednesday so if I get delayed here in Decatur because of the slide-out I won’t be able to get to Elkhart, IN in time.

So I tried to get to Decatur for today and tomorrow they will look at my slide-out.  Hoping for a simple fix I should be on my way later in the day ?????

Getting back on the road this morning I was dreading going through Indianapolis because it’s a big City and definitely looked tanglie on Google Maps.  Plus the construction Nan mentioned in the comments the other day sounded horrific !  When I know I’m going to be going through a big City I try and schedule my stops so that I’ll be doing that within the first hour of driving in the morning.  That way I’m not tired trying to maneuver through the on ramps and off ramps etc. etc.

Turned out to be a breeze !  Yes, There was construction but the traffic was light and “BETSY” gave me lots of warning time when I needed to change lanes etc.


Well we’re 2 for 2 now with this.  Two false alarms and two true alarms.

I turn it back on in the morning about an hour before I know I’m going to be getting on the road.  This morning as soon as I did there was that RED light again AND it was SQUEAKING at me.  I let it go through its rotation until it identified the problem tire.


That tells me it’s the tow car and it is the same tire again as when I had the problem before.  The previous time the tire pressure had gone down to 16 PSI and therefore the SQUEAKING was constant.

As you can see the PSI was at 25 (should be 30) so I learned it SQUEAKS at 4 Minute intervals.  I’m assuming from this that it would SQUEAK more frequently the lower the pressure goes down ??

Thankfully again I was at Wally’s so I just pulled around the back and they put air in the tire.  No further problems after that.  But I’m definitely going to have to keep a close eye on that particular tire.

Today I drove in the rain all day.  Rain ???  I barely remember what that is anymore !!  LOL

When I arrived in Decatur, I stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up this Auto Deterrent thingie that I had ordered online for Ms. Daisy.  You see Ms. Daisy is bare bones basic and certainly has no FANCY SMANCHY things like car alarms.

You can get it at Wal-Mart here:

Amazon also has them but I didn’t have an address to have it sent to.


Actually I ordered two so I could have one for the rig.  Now I wish I had ordered three so I would have one for the back door of the rig.

While in Wally’s parking lot I saw SNOW !!



Haven’t seen that disgusting stuff in YEARS now.  Just goes to show that I’m heading North waaaay to early this year.

I moseyed 4 miles down the road and am settled in comfortably at Sullivan's RV where I’m actually PLUGGED IN !!!  First time since October 15, 2013 !!

I wasn’t going to bother but this way I have my Mr. Heater going AND I hauled out my electric heater from the garage.  Won’t be cold tonight.

First thing I had to do though was unhook Ms. Daisy – it the COLD and RAIN.  Had about FOUR sweaters on plus my jacket and gloves.

Now let’s see what tomorrow will bring.


  1. When is the date that you have to cross back over into Canada?

    1. April 15th - but I'll be there long before that this year. WON'T make that mistake again !! LOL

  2. SNOW!! We had forgotten what that stuff looked like. You certainly did get back way too early. Get that tire fixed before you have any problems with it.

  3. Well at least the tire monitoring thingy is actually warning you of something. Now you know what to watch for. Probably picked up a nail.

  4. The TMPS is doing its job....and a good thing too. Good luck with the slide repair and later, with the back ramp door.

  5. Glad to hear things are going well....
    We are set for another day of winds here oh the shores of Lake
    We did see a rainbow and some snow on the tops of the mountains to the north the other day.