Tuesday, March 25, 2014


And I’m FREEZING already !!  It’s currently 29.5F/–1.4C and it’s going down to 24F/-4C.

It’s also at the point where I don’t know what State I’m in never mind what City/Town.  But I just checked and I am residing in Franklin, TN tonight courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Wally again.

I’ve now left Mississippi and Alabama behind me – and maybe other States that I wasn’t even aware I’d gone through !!

Did I mention that it took me EIGHT DAYS to get through Texas !!  I kid you not.

I’ve now driven 2,073 Miles and I don’t even want to know how many more I’ve got to go.

I have been putting a bit of a push on the last two days as I have service appointments scheduled in Northern Indiana for next Monday and Tuesday.

NOTE:  Putting a push on for me is doing more than 100 Miles a day.  Surprised smile

Why couldn’t Canada have been placed SOUTH !




  1. Oh dear that's colder than it is here...by a lot. Get lots of rest when you can or you will be sick again.

  2. If you are needing to stop south of Indianapolis, Remember that Camping World at Exit 99 (Main Street Greenwood) has overnight parking and it comes with electricity. The far south end of the parking lot is the most level.

    OH....and I 65 north of greenwood has a large construction project happening and at the intersection of I 65 and I 465 exits may be closed. If need be, you could go further north on 65 (the part that goes through Indy) then take 70 east to 465 and continue your trek north....

    ORRRR you could get off at the Greenwood Exit, go west to US 31. Take US 31 to 465.

    Are you totally confused? If so......I hope you GPS is aware of the detour. This all started in November while we were there and it to take a couple of years to complete.

    Travel safely, my friend.

  3. I'd send you a blanket and some warmer weather but we don't have any extra here. Maybe it'll get nicer and if it does, I'll see what we can do. :)

  4. It's warm here - I actually turned on the air today. Wish I could send you some of it. Do not push yourself too hard. Getting sick is not allowed.

  5. It will warm up that I am sure, but just not soon enough, travel safe and keep having fun.

  6. Continued safe journey as you head north.....!

  7. Canada is South, depending on where you're driving from, be glad you are not driving South to Canada at this time of year.
    I think you're doing great and only 8 days driving through Texas, not a record but good time for a single driver moving a house across that state.

  8. hi there. Glad you were rolling along well, so sorry to hear its cold. Hope your appointments all go well! I will get an email off to you soon and catch you up on things with us. Stay well, rest a lot, and just keep poking along safely. Hugs, dnt

  9. I hate being pushed by deadlines. I seem to increase my number of naps when I have deadlines. It sounds like you have planned for that, though. If so, good for you.