Sunday, March 23, 2014


I’ve been on the road now 19 Days and have driven 1,651 Miles – that’s 2,657 KM’s for my Northern friends.  And I still have a LONG ways to go.

I’ve left Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana behind me and currently relaxing in Jackson, MS for the night – courtesy of Wally again of course.

Not much to Blog about when I’m on the road – well that is when I stay out of ditches !!!  So here’s some nonsense to amuse you and you will for sure agree “I’m definitely to be pitied !!”

You know our minds are trained and I think the older we get the harder it is to UNTRAIN them.  Numerous times, as I’m pulling into my spot at Wally’s for the night I size it up and mentally go through the turns I would have to make to get the rig exactly the way I want it.

Part of that ‘sizing up’ is backing up to get it tucked away nicely.  Then SUDDENLY I realize, with such a fright, that I CAN’T BACK UP ANYMORE !!

So I had to make a sign for myself and I’ve attached it to the front visor.


But apparently I CAN back-up.  Got chatting with a fella last night at my Wally’s home and he did tell me I could in fact back up – albeit only a few feet.  But even knowing that has taken some of the stress off.  And even that few feet could get me out of a jam (yet to be had – but surely will !) and hopefully not have to unhook Ms. Daisy to get out of said jam.

One of the many things that was suggested to me as a new ‘tow person’ was to take the key out of the car during the night.  So yes, another sign had to be made.  I once really did have a memory you know !!



One day while I had the car unhooked I went to a tire place to have them check (and adjust as necessary) the tire pressures.  That involved taking the sensors off which is no big deal – well except for the one (the one they put the spare tire wheel on) is different from the rest and a little more difficult to get the sensor on.

So with that job done I put the sensors back on, turned on the system, and got ready to go.  Well the thing started to SQUEAK telling me that I have a problem in one of the tires on the tow vehicle.  Turns out it was the wheel mentioned above.  The tire pressure had dropped to 16 PSI – supposed to be 30 PSI.

Thankfully I was all ready to go and swung around to Wal-Mart's tire place.  Took the sensor off again and they added more air.  This time I was MUCH MORE careful putting that sensor on as I obviously had not put it on correctly before and therefore it was leaking air.

Swung back out to the parking area and waited for about a 1/2 hour, checking the monitor, and all has been well since.


Another time I was driving and happened to glance at the monitor.  I’ve graduated from looking at it every 3 seconds to about every 10 seconds now !!  LOL

No SQUEAKING – BUT the light was RED (supposed to be GREEN) and when it went through its rotation I saw which tire (on the tow) was signalling a problem.  The PSI was fine, however, it was showing at 255F.  Jeeze, If the tire was that HOT it surely would have blown up.

Regardless, I pulled over as soon as I could and checked things out.  All I did was visually check the tires and put my hand on the one in question and it certainly was not hot.

Went back into the rig and now the monitor was showing everything is ok ??

And then there was the bolt thingie that is used to hook on the safety cables.  Well when I had Ms. Daisy unhooked I wanted to also take the safety cables off and bring them in the rig.  This one bolt would not unscrew.

I got a pair of pliers out and reversed it as much as possible but still not enough to get it off.  Figured I needed a honkin’ big pair of bolt cutters or a good hack saw.

I had neither.  Well I do have a hack saw – albeit as old as I am !!  LOL  And the blade – well lets just say it’s not the sharpest anymore.

But I’m nothing if not determined (stubborn !!  LOL).


This is my temporary fix to the missing screw from the AC.



Of course, in hindsight, I don’t think the big THUD the other day had anything to do with this AC.  I’m pretty convinced it was the slide-out topper.  But I’m not taking any chances.

To those of you who do the Wally’s O/N, has this ever happened to you ?


Yup, Opened my curtains one morning and there I am blocked in.  Fortunately that particular morning I had no intentions of getting on the road early (do I ever ?? LOL) and had several maintenance things I wanted to deal with first.

By the time I got these things done the employee came to her car and pulled out.

One of my maintenance items – time to change the water filters.  Not bad.  I don’t use the tank water for drinking – just showers and dishes but I still change the filters regularly.  I’m still in the process of what ‘regular’ is though.


Another order of business was checking the water pump screen.  I check that REGULARLY now (ie. at least once a month) since that awful incident where I got some bad water and it clogged up this screen.

I blogged about it HERE.  But to show you again the disgusting clogging of the screen……


Looking good now though.


When I got my tow car someone suggested I tie a piece of ribbon around the steering wheel so I could see that the wheel was actually turning.  If I forgot to do something and the wheel doesn’t turn that would cause serious trouble.

So I tried the ribbon trick and that didn’t work because I couldn’t see it through the back-up camera.

Over the last weeks I bought two different kinds of LED lights and attached those to the steering wheel and they didn’t work either for the same reason.

So I’m in the Dollar Store the other day and see these……


Figured I’d give them a try.  Now I only post the following picture so you know for sure that I REALLY AM TO BE PITIEDand so you can get a good laugh at my expense.  Go ahead – I can handle it !!


NOPE, Still can’t see them in the back-up camera !!


But I can see them in the side mirror when I make my turn to get out of wherever I am in the morning so that’s all that counts.

Check out my new biker riding boots !!


That’s all I got Folks !

Just more driving tomorrow – G R O A N !!


  1. I felt like I was reading about myself! Amazing the lessons we learn on the road and the tricks to remember things to do and not to do. Funny. Very enjoyable post.

  2. What? You said not much to blog about. You had a lot to blog about. Terry has had to back up a tad before with the Jeep hooked on. It wasn't far but just enough to get us going again. We haven't had anyone park in front of us but have always thought that could happen. I wonder if Walmart would page the employee. I also wonder if the employee knew what she was doing. I bet she did.

    Fun blog, girl. Lots of little "reminders" there.

  3. Nothing "pitiful" on this blog post. Just a hint, it's always best to park with not quite a whole open space and your front angled out enough that you can get out.

  4. Your steering wheel looks like it's getting ready to orbit! Too funny! Whew--so many adventures just at Wally World! Safe travels!

  5. I've had to back straight up a few feet now & again when I've mis-judged a gas pump. No problem. I am in the habit after hooking up of slowly turning the rig to the left.until I see the Jeeps front wheel moving in my mirror. I figure if that wheel is tracking smoothly & not jumping or jerking I'm good to go..

  6. Wow, I hope you make it home....To keep someone from blocking you in: I put some traffic cones out or turn so I'm taking up the next spot and can get out. It is soooo crazy that people block us in.I think they are just jealous and wishing they were in your rig. Good thing you have Bennie along..Chew their tyres off eh?

  7. Sassy I think you're spending too much time with Denise. You've put on a lot of miles, hope you continue to have good weather.

  8. You always have so much going on! I always worry about being "landlocked" too, so I take half a space in front and half a space in back. But I try to get one of the drive in spaces at the far end of the lot, and take up four of them. You're too long to do that. You should have left a note on that car's windshield saying you're sorry for the dents, you tried to get out but couldn't. Then watch them check out their car when they return. LOL Last time they'll do that! Some people are such idiots! :)

  9. Holy macaroni! I don't envy you. All these tasks, it would drive me crazy. On the other hand - you are not the only one with troubles. We are supposed to head into "the freezer" tomorrow and our furnace quit on us this evening. UHGG. Always something.

  10. You having too much fun there, all the joys of rving and such.
    I always check the rear view mirror after hooking up and if the front wheels on the car turn all is good.

  11. Our RV driving instructor taught us to park with the wheels facing out but just barely into the next parking space. That discourages anyone from parking right in front of you so it increases the odds you can get out.

  12. I about busted a gut laughing at your pipe cleaners. So funny, but creative and artsy too. LOL.

  13. You sure got a lot of stuff on your mind. And being creative turns out to be your strong side.

  14. I laughed so hard I coughed and now have to do some cleaning on my creative!
    Your adventures are learning experiences for me as I prepare to do some solo trekking and see the sites. Boots look comfy, as a matter of fact all of my shoes are practical and comfy - the way it should be!!