Sunday, March 9, 2014


I left Yuma Wednesday morning and it took me 3 days to get to Deming, NM.  Yup, That’s the way I travel – 473 Miles in 3 days – and that was pushing it !!  LOL 

Hey, Only just over 2,000 Miles left to go !!  G * R * O * A * N

I just don’t like to drive like I used to.  First of all I get tired very easily while driving – especially my eyes.  So I have to stop and rest often.

Also Interstate driving is very BORING !  But as a solo RV’er I feel better sticking to the main Interstates.  I’d love to travel the more scenic routes but that’s not meant to be.

One afternoon I pulled into a truck stop for an O/N.  This one had separate parking for RV’s away from the 18 wheelies.

I heard this gawd awful racket outside.  So who remembers that very scary movie from the 60’s (I think) called THE BIRDS.  Well that’s exactly what it sounded and looked like !!  Have a look.


There’s really nothing to report.

My dash is a little busier than it once was so that keeps me ‘entertained’ looking at the gizmos.


I do like my GPS and I’m actually ‘trusting’ it a little more.  I travelled over 3 years without one though.  I like the fact that it tells me what lane I’m supposed to be in when entering a major City.


Then there’s my new Tire Monitoring System.  I’m constantly looking at that.  Hopefully I’ll get over that real soon !!  But it is interesting to note how much the tires inflate while driving and especially how HOT they get.   Hmmmm, Information I’m probably better off NOT knowing ??


And then there’s my little guy.  What a great traveller he is.


As soon as I turn the key he goes to his bed in front of the passenger seat and that’s where he stays until I stop.


Well he never actually gets IN his bed - he just keeps moving his position.


More to report in my next post as I’ve been in Deming, NM a couple of days now.


  1. Yup, Alfred Hitchcock, THE BIRDS done at Bodega Bay, CA early sixties. yes.

  2. Whoo hooo....finally out of AZ. Deming should be nice right now. Loving those gizmos!

    Nina and Paul

  3. Part of the problem of your getting tired after driving for short distances could be Static Electricity caused by your alternator creating a magnetic field around your vehicle. It will cause tiredness after the trip and even falling asleep at the wheel, car sickness (Bennie. Yes dogs get car sick), and even giving you a shock when you touch metallic pieces like door handles.
    The way to get rid of that is to add Static Straps to your vehicles. They will wear away with time and your Symptoms will return tell you it's time to change them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. At least you waited to leave until the weather east of you improved a little. The ice is gone and that's a good thing. Being able to tell what the speed limit is and what lane to be in with our GPS is a big thing with me too. Both of those sure come in handy.

  5. Hey you really in the move, travel safe and enjoy the trip we be a few weeks behind you take your time.

  6. Say Hi to Lee for us. You are moving right along. Took us five days to get home,could have done it in four.

  7. Hey, I'm right outside of Deming at Rockhound State Park! I remember that NM sign from yesterday! A little windy yesterday, and it sure is colder here than in Arizona!!

    In fact, I was at Pilot Knob for two days, so I've been right behind you. As long as you have time, take as long as you want. I'm not driving as long as I did last year and previous years, either. I over-nighted at Love's gas station in Gila Bend and the drive from there to here about did me in. Only 5 hours - that used to be a short day for me. I can see myself stopping a lot more this year. Drive safe! :)