Friday, March 14, 2014


Yes, It’s been awhile since I blogged.  Just haven’t been in the mood I guess.

I decided to stop in Deming, NM for an O/N that turned into SIX nights.

I wanted to see Lee and I knew DIANNE & TOM were there also visiting with Lee.  Once I got there I figured I might as well order the additional Tire Monitoring Sensors for Ms. Daisy seeing as I had an address to have them sent to.  Gawd only knows when I’ll have an address again !  That delayed me an additional two days but I’ll Blog about their really bad Customer Service another time.

Lee spends most of the year at LOW HI RV PARK and recently had a workshop built.  He has more tools than my Brother and that’s saying something !!

He is very proud of his new workshop and I don’t blame him.  He’s always working on some project or another so now he is able to putter and work on projects and keep the mess out of his trailer.


He’s only just had it built and already it’s so organized – and he’s says he’s not finished yet.


One evening Lee took us all out to dinner to ADOBE DELI – which ain’t no Deli !  But before I tell you about that I have to mention the RUBIK’S CUBE.  Now who doesn’t remember that craze !!


As we got into his truck to head to the restaurant I saw the Rubik’s Cube sitting on his dash. Well Lee CLAIMED he could solve it in 2 1/2 minutes !!  “Pffffft”  I said !  So I took it into the restaurant with us to CALL HIS BLUFF.

I even had Dianne time him on her STAR WARS kinda phone – I think she called it an Android ??  I wouldn’t know about such FANCY SMANCHY things like that ‘cause I’m lucky to be able to operate my bare bones basic TracFone !!

And he starts !!  I watch carefully to ensure he doesn’t CHEAT !!


Sure enough he did it !!  Took a little longer than 2 1/2 minutes but that was only because the lighting was bad in the restaurant and he had some difficulty distinguishing between some of the colours.

The man is amazing !!

So we’re at the Adobe Deli for dinner.  This place is out in the middle of nowhere and when approaching it you’d never know it was a restaurant.  Just looked like a bunch of worn out old buildings.

See the completed Rubik’s Cube on the table !


This place had a wonderful atmosphere and all kinds of unique things all around.




Yes, Even a wood stove to heat the place.


Oh my Brother would drool if he saw this nice pile of wood !!


Dinner arrived and they sure don’t believe in small portions.  This is Lee’s meal.


And Dianne’s meal…


Tom & I both had the seafood combo meal.


The guy at the table behind us had the Kabob…..



This is their “Cigar Room & Library”.



More signs around the place.




While I was in Deming I also got the tires on Ms. Daisy rotated/balanced and a wheel alignment.  Another case of really bad Customer Service which I’ll save for another post.

It was sure nice spending time again with Lee and Dianne/Tom.  See ya next year (hopefully) guys !!


  1. Man, that's a lot of food. Seems you're having a bit of bad luck in the "Customer Service" end of things. Should be...... interesting.

  2. I'm so glad you posted the picture's of Lee's workshop. Now I can see him when I read his posts on the forum. You are really becoming the social butterfly with all this eating out stuff. lol Customer Service seems to have disappeared in many areas. Hope you got all your issues taken care of.

  3. Lee is such a sweet guy. Glad you got to see him.

  4. looks like you had yourself a real good time there and a feast to boot!
    Travel safe.

  5. We stopped in Deming on our way through and had lunch with Lee. Since we were heading to the Texas border that night, we didn't make the Adobe Deli. Thanks for posting pictures of his shop and what great pictures they are! However, if we don't head towards Denver -- and we may not -- we'll stop again on the way back through -- maybe. Take care!

  6. We are in Deming right now. We're heading to Arizona....

  7. Nice you got to spend some time with Lee and Tom and Diane! The Adobe Deli looks like a great place to eat.