Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Had to take a ride into Yuma the other day to get a new rear tire for the bike – amongst several other errands.

I left here at 10:00AM and DAMN it was one COLD ride !!  Sure glad I decided to wear my gorgeous HEATED JACKET.  Had that thing turned ON the whole way.

By the time I got everything done I was one tired old Broad and just wanted to get home to my couch and quilt.

There were three riders in front of me on Hwy. 95 so I just tucked in with them in group formation.  Traffic was fairly heavy so passing opportunities were limited.

I think there are only two places on this route that has an actual passing lane.  I followed along with the fellow riders for about 1/2 hour but when I came to the section where there was the two lanes I decided to take advantage of that and gave the old wrist a bit of exercise and twisted the throttle a little harder and passed them.

If I had not passed these riders I would never have met this FAMOUS BLOGGER !

I am a person who is always looking at license plates – well at least while I’m here in the South West.  I glance over at a Jeep I was passing and saw Canadian plates – however, my mind ( ‘da poor old thing ) registered B.C.  In all fairness to my ageing old brain – the plates colours are almost identical.

I don’t know what made me glance up – but when I did this is what I saw…


Well I near went off ‘da road !!  I immediately put my thumb on the horn and sped up even more to get along side this Jeep to see if it REALLY was Al & Kelly.  Obviously the excitement wasn’t making me think clearly !!  LOL

Here I am, riding about 60 MPH – yes I slowed down a bit – smiling and waving like a mad person.  Afterwards, I realized “THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW ME !!”

Now there are Bloggers and there are Bloggers.  But Al is the GRAND DADDY of them all in my opinion !

Shortly after that there was a place to pull in just past the Border Patrol Station and Al pulled in behind me.


Al is NEVER without his camera and he took pictures that I didn’t even know were taken – yes, complete with my HELMUT HAIR !

He blogged about it HERE.


It was (and still feels like) a very surreal experience for me.  I’ve been following The Bayfield Bunch since before I even got on the road !!

Al asked Kelly to take this picture of us and I totally STOLE it from his Blog.


Still can’t believe I actually met THE BAYFIELD BUNCH in person !!

Soon – very soon – the next BIG announcement will be made.  And Barbara you shush now !!


  1. Great that you got to meet Al and Kelly, great people. We met them two years ago just north of Quartzsite.
    Such a small world isn't it?

  2. I agree - Al is definitely one of the Grand Bloggers of all time. Along with you when you get around to blogging - lol. Glad you looked up from the license plate.

  3. I'm still droppin inall the time to see what you write about....that was awesome to finally meet your fello bloggers!! Way too cool!! Just wanted to say hi and wish you well in your travels!! Ride safe.....

  4. So glad you were able to meet Al and Kelly. They are such a nice couple. You look soooo that is answered prayers.

  5. I'm betting he was more thrilled to meet you! After all, we're always thrilled when we meet up with you.

  6. That's really exciting, I would love to meet them, too. You can tell how nice they are by his blog posts.

    And don't worry. My lips are zipped. I can definitely keep a secret. I wouldn't tell a soul. You can trust me. Yada yada yada. LOL :)

  7. The pleasure was all ours Sassy. Sure glad you noticed our Bayfield logo on the Jeep's back window.. Funny how things like that happen sometimes. Too me, chance encounters are always the best. No time for me to get nervous about who I am meeting. You da best:))

  8. It was so fun to meet you..... Next time Pheebe can meet Bennie ....

  9. Wow! I got goose bumps reading about your encounter with the Bayfield Bunch! I can just picture you getting all excited and waving :) Too cool! And, a bit of suspense???