Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Yes, I’m still in Quartzsite.  Damn I really do like this quirky little place.  But, this time around, I’m here now almost three full weeks and yet no sign of the old ‘hitch-itch’.

The weather has been PERFECT so why would I want to move anywhere else ??

That’s me waaaaay down there.01

This Blog Post is really for me and for the Folks who have never been to Q.  You regular Q Folks – well just go on to the next Blog.  You’ve seen all of this.

Rita ‘n Pat and their pals are just across the wash from me – to the left from the above picture.  Everybody over there was SICK so I kept my distance !!

But they did promise me a ride on their ATV once they were feeling better and NOT CONTAGIOUS !!

The only way to truly see and appreciate the desert is with an ATV.  I want an ATV !!!!

As I’ve said many times in the past, it takes very little to amuse me these days.  One of things I love to do is go around the various boondocking areas to see all the different rigs and how people set themselves up.


Quartzsite in January there is everything here from multi-million dollar rigs to the poorest of the poor.

This person is obviously living out of a van.


Lots of people are here for the whole season so put a lot into making extra ‘living’ space.  See the shelter they have put up behind their rigs.


Lots of stuff around this person’s area.


Due to all the sickies across the wash, we didn’t get out for this ride until after the crowds had left as the “Big Tent” is over.  It’s still busy here in Q and still lots of Vendors to browse through.

The area below was JAMMED with RV’s.  Lotsa space now though.


Nice !!


This person even planted flowers.


And this person made a rock and solar garden and decorated the shrubs.


Look at the great shape this old bus is in.



Yup, That’s his ‘home’.


Lots of Folks spend a great deal of time gathering rocks to define their space.



Wouldn’t want to have to put gas in that truck !


These Folks love their Flags and sure have lots of Solar.



And they even have speciality signs made up to direct people to where they are.


Yup, He lives in that tent.  AND he has defined his space by filling milk jugs with sand and placing them in a wide circle so no one else will park close to him.


Living in his car.


Would you want to pull this trailer ?  Well at least you could pull TWO ATV’s with it.


I am REALLY behind on my Blogging and have TWO very big announcements to make. 

One is I (again) met yet another FAMOUS Blogger.  The other announcement ….well……..you’ll just have to wait and see. hehehehe


  1. I love this post because I recognize many of those photos. I think the one with the rock and solar garden and decorated shrubs was next to me, and the big rig one used to be behind me in South. And I see my solar guy, Brian's, rig, too. Can you guess which one??? And I know the answer to your two announcements. hehehehe. I love this post. :)

  2. Q is definitely an interesting place. Lots of folks spend the winter there and they spend it in many different ways.

  3. You are behind. Most of us already know about the other blogger fella. I remember seeing several of those rigs while we were there. As long as the weather stays nice it's kind of nice to stay put for awhile.

  4. Hey Sassy I think the only famous RV Blogger in the area that we know about is a lady who rides a Royal Blue Harley-Davidson motorcycle & travels with a dog named Bennie

  5. Q, Q, Q, I love hearing about Q and have so enjoyed your posts with the pic's of everyone's rig and space! Totally on my to do list. I'm with you, I would love a ATV trip around the area...I have two ATV's...so, I am going to start planning! I am a RV Newbie - just bought a used 2012 C Class and will be taking my first real trip this month. Lots to learn. Your blog as well as Barbara's have been so helpful. To lots more fun....!

  6. Yep we have been seeing all those things to. That Blue 1950 Flxible was just you the trail from us. Talked to the owner builder and was quite interesting how he did the conversion.
    One more night at Roadrunner then head west for a couple weeks before slowly making our way back east.

  7. Cliffhanger! Thanks for the tour. Love seeing others' rigs.

  8. I happen to know who that blogger is, but I'm not going to spoil the fun. The other big announcement? Well, I've no idea. Can't wait to find out!
    Nina (on Paul's account) wheelingit