Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Bet you think I’m going to tell you about some amazing glittering lights I saw or perhaps an Elvis impersonator sighting.

Nope, But some great Folks I met in the past came to visit.

I met Dean & Deb – and the adorable Toby - last Spring as I was heading North.

I decided to stop in Vegas for a few days and they were kind enough to ‘host’ me. The blogging of my ‘adventures’ in Vegas start HERE.

We’ve stayed in touch over the last year and Dean now regularly follows my Blog.

Toby and Bennie getting re-acquainted.


These folks, while not full-timers yet, do take several extended vacations in their rig throughout the year.  I knew they had planned on being here in Q for a few days.

Deb & Toby.


They arrived here before I did and I e-mailed them that I would contact them once I got settled.  The following afternoon I see this Jeep heading my way.

Toby totally stealing Bennie’s toys.  Bennie is NOT impressed but he was a good boy about it.


The amazing thing is they FOUND ME !!  They didn’t even know where I was boondocking other than at one of the LTVA’s.  Now for those of you that don’t know Q at this time of year – well let’s just say there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of rigs here in the FOUR different LTVA’s.

Toby eventually took every one of Bennie’s toys out.


It was nothing short of a miracle that they were able to locate me in all the masses of rigs that are here.

We had a wonderful visit, catching up and just talking about everything.  The following day we met again for lunch.  THANKS for lunch guys – but Deb you are a sneaky one !!

It was so great seeing these guys again and wonderful to know that I now have friends in Vegas and always a place to boondock.


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  1. There are definitely a few hundred thousand rigs around here. Every time we go out to eat we see them. They are also at all the stop lights and on the roads. I bet when the Big Tent closes, a lot of the folks will head out. Then, it should be even easier to find you.