Tuesday, January 21, 2014


WAS going to be a larger inverter and price how much it would cost to switch more electrical outlets over to that inverter.

The one I have now, that is part of the rig, is only 600W and there are only two electrical outlets (both on the passenger side up by the passenger seat) that work with the inverter.

With a larger inverter I could run things like the microwave, hair dryer, vacuum, without turning on the generator. I certainly have enough solar/batteries to be able to use these high powered things.  Well as long as I used them for short periods of time and in the morning.  That way the gorgeous Arizona sun had all day to replenish what they took out of the batteries.

But then I got to thinking.  Why would I want to do that ??  The number of times I need to use my generator for those purposes are so few and for such a short period of time.  In some cases mere seconds. And these inverters are VERY expensive !

So while it would be nice, I nixed that idea as the cost just wouldn’t justify the benefits.

Then I decided this year’s upgrade to the rig would be a Tire Monitoring System.  I’ve read many a horror story on the various Blogs about accidents that could have been prevented had they had this system.

But this is where the problem is – for me.  Like everything else, there are just sooooo many Manufacturers of this system and each owner swears by the one they have.

Is one better than another ?  Is one more expensive than another ?  Oh gone are the days when I could mentally multitask and absorb as much information as I was willing to read.

As luck would have it, right around that time I read a post on NINA'S BLOG that they were also going to be getting this system this year.  And naturally she did all the research on this item and had decided on a specific one.

I immediately decided I was going to TOTALLY STEAL from Nina and simply get the one they had decided on !! Winking smile

Then, again, as luck would have it, I met this wonderful young couple while boondocking in Borrego Springs.  We agreed to get together here in Q and perhaps be able to make a better deal with buying two systems.

So this is the system I’ll be getting - CLICK HERE.  Nina and Paul will need the 10 sensor one as they have a toad.

I’ve been in touch with Nina and Paul and she has already checked out the Vendors and the pricing.  I told her to let me know when “we” are ready to buy.

Works for me !!


  1. Hope you guys get a good deal, sounds like you are having fun seeing lots of friends.

  2. Hopefully, you'll never have a reason to test them out.

  3. seems to me you wants to be subscribin' to Consumer Reports

  4. That's very cool - now you know how I felt when I piggy-backed my solar powered LED light strings onto your Amazon.com order. I felt the same way.

    I hope you are happy with your new addition. One of those insurance items you hope to never have to blog about how good it is. But now you won't worry. :)