Thursday, January 23, 2014


There’s simply no describing Quartzsite at this time of year.  Yet I continue to try.

I read somewhere that in the month of January there are anywhere from 750,000 to 1 1/2 MILLION RV’ers here in this tiny little town.

There are 4 LTVA’s (Long Term Visitors Areas) and numerous other free BLM spots – usually restricted to 14 days, however, seldom does anybody monitor that.

I chose the LTVA this year and the least busy one.  There are two close to where the “BIG TENT” is and those are jam packed because people can walk to all the festivities and vendors.

Then there’s the one across the road from me and that one is also very busy because that’s where the water and dumps are.

Two short videos from my roof:

I do not belong to any Groups; Clubs; Memberships etc. etc. as I prefer to go my own way and join others when/if I want to.  That’s what works for me.

My first year on the road I met JIM & SANDIE and we’ve become great friends since.  Because of meeting them I’ve met several other Folks from the Escapee Group and they’ve kinda adopted me into their Class-less Class.

This year though I decided not to park where they were and just visit.


Through many discussions on the Forums I knew there would be a lot of people and the area they chose was not that big – so rigs were parked side by side and nose to bumper.


JERI is part of this Group and is a born leader/organizer.  She loves to put different activities and events together.

One of these activities was setting up a Swap Table.  Put your stuff there that you no longer need/want – and take anything you might need/want.

I got rid of more stuff !!  Love it !



Jeri posing with her ‘new’ hat – there was a PINK one there that she wanted me to wear ---- NOT !!


Just another great fun day at Quartzsite.


  1. That's a great picture of Jeri!
    I drove down to where you are this morning, but didn't see you. I drove to the end and turned left - and just looked around. It's pretty dusty there, too. I guess it's just this time of year, but the ATVs and all the traffic doesn't help.

    Just found your e-mail in my JUNK folder!!! Bummer, but I might try again to find a site in that area. :)

  2. Having the Heritage Softtail helps get you around when, and for however long, you wish to surround yourself with people.

  3. Yup, life in the desert at Q is goooood.

  4. Haha ... now where's the pink hat you were trying on? The swap table was fun, wasn't it? The best part is that we all got rid of junk we didn't want and got some new junk from others to store for another year!!

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  6. See - Barbara couldn't find you either. But I do have internet now and I am going to be sending you that link.