Monday, January 6, 2014


NOTE:  All of the pictures in this post are from the Internet.


and not THERE !!!


My home Province has been hit with storm after storm after storm.


With high winds also and major power outages.


The problem with the power outages – aside from the obvious – is that HEATING (for the most part) there is via electrical baseboards.

Think this person is going to get a good work out getting this car out huh !!


Not very many Folks have wood stoves anymore – perhaps more so in the more remote communities – and of course there’s my Brother who yes, still has his wood stove.  That’s a good thing ‘cause they still had heat and my Mother was able to go to their house to stay while her power was out.



With no power how is a person supposed to keep their beer cold ??  NL’ers are very resourceful !




Yup, Sure glad I’m HERE and not THERE !!  Soon enough I won’t have any choice but to endure those awful Winters – but while I still can I sure won’t be going through that !!


  1. Yeah, I can see why you feel lucky. Here in Florida this morning it is colder than in on Campobello. Back to Long Johns. LOL

  2. Sass, I'll do up a room for ya in the back of my RV , so u can ride 12 months o f the year

  3. WOW! When you don't RV anymore, you've got to get a little place with a wood stove in the living room, and a wood burning gas stove in the kitchen. That's what I would love again. Had those in the Sierras, and I never worried about storms. I wrapped up the pipes from the well to the house with blankets and pillows and I was totally fine. It was actually fun. Except now I'd also want solar panels on the roof and a Honda generator! :)

  4. Had weather like that when I lived in Winnipeg. Luckily only there a year.

  5. D...I remember that wood stove..........Ontario has been hit hard as well - 40 today

  6. YES! Definitely grateful to be here! And, what a beautiful sunset we had this evening!!! Tom and I will swing by tomorrow late afternoon :)

  7. Those pictures make our paltry 10" snow fall and 8 F temps. look like nothing. But I'm heading for FL in 10 days to begin full timing. I can't wait to start and get to warmer climes. Stay safe.