Friday, January 10, 2014


That’s right – NUTTIN’   NUTTIN’   NUTTIN’ !!!

Just been laying low.

I’ve been back in the Yuma area now for almost two weeks.  It took several days for me to get ‘settled’ as I had many errands/chores to do.

First up was Bennie as he was pretty desperate for a grooming.  He was one little Dirty Desert Dog !


And he came out all sparkly and clean and WHITE again – for a short time.  LOL


While I was at Petsmart I got him a new collar……yes, to add to the dozen or so collars he already has.  Pretty spiffy huh.



This one lights up in the dark which is good for when I go out with him at night.


Oh, My tired little guy.


The weather has been pretty much picture perfect and Bennie and I go for a couple of short walks each day.



Bennie makes friends wherever he goes.


We did have two days with very strong winds.  My awning is secured with the sun screen which is nailed into the ground.


So when it’s windy I don’t have to worry about the awning flying over on the roof.  Yes, That did happen to me once before.  But the winds were very strong and the noise from the awning kept me awake the first night.


So the next day I decided to put the awning back in.  Again, once before I had tried this however with the wind gusts I couldn’t do it myself and got myself into quite a situation hanging onto the awning strap for dear life looking around for help !!


So this time I got smart and didn’t even attempt to start it until I could find someone to help me.  I saw a guy just behind me so I went to ask him if he would help me.  No problem of course as fellow RV’ers are just the best sort of Folks.


When he came over to my rig I said something or other and he said “Yes, I know, I follow your Blog.”  HUH ??  And then he went on to say “As a matter of fact, I was your neighbour across the water from you the whole Summer.”

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather.  My jaw dropped.  Who is this perfect stranger ?  He sure didn’t look familiar ?


Well it turns out it’s WANDERIN WILLY, who unfortunately doesn’t Blog anymore.  He saw me pull in and recognized my rig and Bennie but didn’t want to drop by as he felt he would be disturbing me.

You know it’s windy when your tire covers look like they are painted on.


He said he knew I kinda like to keep to myself, which is somewhat true, but I certainly would not have minded him (or anyone) dropping by for a visit.

Anyway, We had a short and very nice chat and I hope to chat with him again.

JIM & SANDIE arrived a few days ago but are not in the same area as I am.  So I’ve only had one brief visit with them.  The road to where they are parked has long stretches of sand and I nearly dropped the bike several times the one time I did ride down there to visit.

I also went to the Casino one evening with TOM & DIANNE for dinner. That was really nice getting to know these great Folks better.

Just hanging out on my ‘back patio’ reading.


With the winds I got my first opportunity to put PAUL'S tip into action.  And WOW, what a difference it makes.  The awning topper is protected from tearing and no more awful noise from it flapping around.

I plan to make that as a regular part of my set-up routine in future.  You’re bound to get winds here in this area at some point.




  1. what an absolutely gorgeous sunset and its reflection on your motorhome!!! So, you're back in Yuma just as we're getting ready to head to Q ????

  2. Nothing, ditto.
    Rain,humidity. Feels like getting webbed fingers soon. Cooped up in the rig, reading.
    No nice sunsets. Just fog.

  3. Nuttin'? Sounds like a pretty full life to me. Even asleep, Bennie look debonairre.

  4. We truly have enjoyed a bit more time with you... in Borrego Springs and then Yuma. And, in addition to Paul's rope trick, we just today learned how to fill our fresh water tank from our travel cans! Dang... we may really be able to extend our boondocking time now! Look forward to more visits with you in Q. Travel safely. Be seeing you soon!
    D & T

  5. Hey Sass: Hope all is well. I am missing riding very very much this winter as we have had one of the harshest winter's in several years. I don't know if u are following things up here but we have had rolling blackouts as the power grid is aged and also hasn't kept up with the building of new hopes re: capacity. Your life is lookin' very very attractive right now.

    I was looking at your pics and noticed u have some kind of extension from the main awning to the ground. What is that for? Is it a sun shield? BTW, are you getting much riding in;make sure to post some pics of your routes. All The Best

  6. When are you heading to Q? Probably about the time we are heading to Yuma for a few days,(?) Skip says you will have to shop alone.

  7. Poor Bennie - he's very handsome and I'm sure he smells great - but that grooming sure wears them out.

    I wonder if you can keep that rope on the slide-out when you bring it in and out? Probably not, but I was wondering.

    It hasn't been windy here at Q, thank goodness! That photo of your tire cover made me laugh - WOW, that's windy! :)

  8. That was great you got to meet Wandering Willy. Nice fella for sure & we first met him in Borrego Springs about 4 years ago. We boondocked with him & Ivan for a few days up in Bouse back in 2012. We have only ever spent one night at Pilot Knob & it was the only time we very nearly got stuck in sand. Must have been out where Jim & Sandie are. Cute pics of Bennie & I like his collar. Bennie & Pheebs would hit it off well because Pheebs gets along with all dogs too. If your ever up our way in Congress here drop in.......