Thursday, January 30, 2014


But it’s all relative I suppose.  For me, if I have more than ONE thing to do in a WEEK – that’s busy !!  LOL

While others need and want to be on ‘da go all the time.


There are Bloggers and then there are BLOGGERS !!!!

When you have a whopping 851 Followers……

And you are closing in on 4,000,000 Page Views– that’s FOUR MILLION Folks !!.

And you have articles written about you in the LA Times no less !!!

Well that makes you a CELEBRITY BLOGGER in my most humble of opinions.

So I’m at the Laundromat one day last week.  While the clothes were drying I went for a little spin on the bike.  When I come back I see this very familiar VW van in the parking lot.  I should know this van very well because I followed along on its complete rebuild.

It can’t be !!??  The last I read on his Blog he was still in LA.

Yes, it was none other than Glenn from TO SIMPLIFY !!

I met Glenn my first year on the road.  Read about it HERE

We chatted in the parking lot for awhile.  He was only there for a short while as he was considering whether or not he would head on to Yuma (it was late in the day) or just stay in Q for the night.

Somehow – and I honestly have no memory of how - Paul & Nina's names came into the conversation and Glenn mentioned that he would love to meet them.  So off we went over to La Posa South (yes, with my laundry still on the back of the bike !!!) and I was thrilled to be able to introduce these two FAMOUS BLOGGERS to each other.

Glenn came back to ‘my house’ and we sat around and chatted for several hours.  What a delightful young man he is and there was no shortage of topics to talk about.


Our meet up was definitely meant to be as another five minutes and we would have missed each other.

The next morning we spent some time together again and then he headed off to Yuma.  Glenn took this picture of our two rigs.


Size doesn’t matter.

Another day TOM & DIANNE dropped by for a visit.  And later so did Nina & Paul.


Once again, no shortage of topics to talk about, and a wonderful opportunity to get to know both of these couples a little bit better.


But the main attraction that day was Polly and Bennie.


Bennie absolutely LOVES Polly – which continues to amaze me because Bennie is (now that he’s older) now afraid of larger dogs.


I think Polly was being a good girl and ‘tolerating’ Bennie.


Bennie kept following Polly wherever she went.  In the following picture I’m sure Bennie is saying “I love you.  Will you marry me ?”  LOL



And in the next picture I’m sure Polly is saying to her Mom “Mom, Save me !!!  Will you get that little runt away from me !!”


Another great visit with fellow fulltime RV’ers who are quickly becoming friends.


  1. You have managed to meet many RVers at the Q and in your travels before that. Way to go!

  2. You certainly never know who you are going to run into along the road. Sometimes you might want to hide and other times go full blast forward! Enjoy!

  3. Wow! Glenn came to visit you! You are now officially a celebrity, too. Wish I was there.

  4. This was a great year for meeting up with people - new friends and old friends. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with Glen again, and also Nina and Paul. I haven't met Tom and Diane - maybe next year. Well, actually I haven't met Glen or Nina and Paul, either, but I feel like I know them because of their blogs. LOL :)

    Bennie is so funny with Polly. He's got the cutest personality, and Polly looks like such a sweet dog.

  5. Just never know who you will run into in Quartzsite, Jean and Skip dropped in for a nice visit yesterday and said they had just been to Silly Al's with you. Was nice to meet them another super rv couple.

  6. Nice to visit friends and spend the time...