Friday, January 17, 2014


Arrived back in Q again yesterday.  The "BIG TENT" opens tomorrow and all areas around Q are PACKED with RV’s.

Before I left the Yuma area Jim & Sandie came to get me and a group of us went to this fantastic Chinese Buffet place.  What a feast !!  Certainly the largest I’ve ever been to and the selection was amazing.

Pop over to SANDIE'S BLOG or TONI'S BLOG to see the pictures.  I, of course, forgot to bring my camera.

Here is a group picture that I totally STOLE from Toni’s Blog.

Jan 13_10330

Before I left Yuma I had my usual chores to do – propane, gas, Walmart stock up etc.  I stopped at the LTVA at Imperial Dam to spend the night so I could do the tanks the following morning before heading to Q. 

The line-ups at the dump stations in Q at this time of year are usual quite long.  And this is a job I sure don’t like feeling rushed doing !!

A beautiful full moon night.


And what a beautiful night it was.  The area where I pulled in was exceptionally quiet.  I loved it.  When I was out with Bennie during the evening I did not hear one generator running.  All the Folks that were near me had solar.

And look who came to visit the following morning.



As you can see, in this area of Imperial Dam Folks like their privacy and park waaaay away from others.


While others like to park a bit closer.


There were a bunch of Building across the road but I have no idea what they all are for.  I did see though a sign saying “SOLAR” and pointing in that direction.  Great to have that convenience right where you are boondocking.


It’s really too bad that the LTVA at Imperial Dam is so far from Yuma (about 60 miles round trip).  It has numerous places to boondock and only the part where the dump stations are are crowded.

So I arrive in Q and got myself settled next to my old friends from waaaaay back – Rita and Pat. 

Took a quick scoot over to La Posa South to see some friends from the Escapees group- Jeri/Terry; Dianne/Tom; Julie and Lee and then met Steve.  There were plenty others but they were not around.

I’ve boondocked with them the last few years but this year decided not to.  La Posa South is the most crowded area and the rigs are parked side by side and back to back.  So this year I’ll pop over for visits.

We got together for dinner last night.


It’s gotta be 20 years or more since I’ve had KFC !!!

Had a wonderful evening just hanging out.


This morning it was COLD !!  But with that gorgeous Arizona sunshine it doesn’t take long to warm up.  My little guy was shivering – but a smart boy he is….


Lots more about Q and meeting up with friends in posts to come.


  1. Glad you are having fun, nice to meet up with old friends.

  2. YOU SAW THE BURROS!!! Lucky you! I saw a ton of them, full families of burros the first year I was there - when I stopped there for a short visit last year I didn't see ANY. This year I'll try again. I love watching them.

    I love KFC, chicken pot pie or chicken breasts, beans, cole slaw and hot biscuits. Yummm.

    Come on over for a visit - tomorrow we're going to the Big Tent - Katie has an early dental appointment for cleaning in a vendor tent across the street at 10:30, so we'll be there probably all morning. See you soon... :)))

  3. We are here as well but are staying at Sunsetter RV Park for the full hookups. Not quite ready for the boondocking especially without solar. Since we just started fulltiming in November, 2013 we enjoy the parks for now.
    We are:

    Love your blog and your puppy too.

  4. It was great seeing you again. We'll pop over and visit you ... well, that is if we can find you.

  5. So good to have you pop by for a visit... hope to see you again soon!

  6. Sure do love hanging out in the Q, so much to see and do and so many people to meet as well.

  7. Quartzite is an experience TM and I are looking forward to next winter. Perhaps we'll cross paths!